I want to position my work at the highest level. What online marketing strategies can I use for my company? If this is your question, you are in the right place. We will show you tips and simple tools so you can make an online marketing strategy and also have a website efficiently and with the highest potential.


Recommendations before making an online marketing plan

Before developing an online marketing plan, we must first have some clear points, such as: What are the objectives of the company? Realism is important to develop online marketing, it tells us; What is the purpose of the company? Is it to increase sales? Alternatively, perhaps to loyalty the public so that they return to buy?

Second, see the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the company and the sector in which it is going to enter. Also, we must take into account very well all the sharp things that our business has over the competition. Finally, how is the client to whom we are going? What topics interest the user? How can you get there? By having all these points clear, it will be easier to have an online marketing plan.


9 Online marketing strategies for your company

Now, we will show you 9 strategies with simple tools so that your web design is efficient and with the highest potential for visits.

Have social networks for your company: By having social networks, your company will grow, since these allow you to make people think freely and thus investigate other potential consumers. If you let them upload photos and propose that they upload the images to the social network, you can chat with the users, and they will be happy because they know that you are giving them useful content, not taking advantage of them. Also, you can place discounts for new potential customers and share exclusive offers for the product you offer.

Create a web page or blog: The useful content we share on social networks is fast, so in a short time it is forgotten. However, a web page or blog leaves the information forever and is one of the best online marketing strategies. Therefore, for a company to have many visits on its website, it must have a good web design and SEO positioning in the search engine.

SEO optimization: To reduce the load time of the page and other necessary functions, you must have Mobile first. Because this way the user experience will be better and they do not leave the website since 53% of the people leave the page if it takes much more than 3 seconds to open.

Also, Google positions the web that has a fast loading time. Remember that SEO is not repeating the same main word each time, but placing other words that enrich the content. Also, do not copy content from other websites (no text).

Pay attention to the links that come from other websites: If you have many links of low-quality web pages, it is best to stop linking to these sites.

Place your business on the map: For people to know where to buy your product in a physical store, the business must be in the Google Maps search engines, thus increasing your sales.

Impact: Graphics quality as; images or videos, the real value of the product, creative texts and original effects, can have an impact on people, because more and more there are electronic devices with Internet access, thus leading users to follow and generate income to your website. On YouTube, you can teach a visual way of how your product works better and solve doubts about it with a low budget.

Google Ads: It is a Google program for ads and has two networks. It is highly recommended to choose this option because you can make text ads that will appear in the Google search engine, and when the ad appears, the client will go to your website. Therefore, you will have many possibilities for the customer to buy the product or know about your company and what you offer. Your brand will appear on other websites so that you will have many visits to your page.

Remarketing: Remarketing consists in showing an ad to people who have already visited your web page. Therefore, it is the users who know about your brand and have shown an interest, and you will remember that you are still in the market and that you offer good products.

The marketing of loyalty: This marketing is to give a gift to people who spend it continuously on your page, or in a few words, are faithful to you. Therefore, being users who have already bought or like your website, you will get those customers to buy more and stay with your brand.


If you want to enter into online marketing, these tips will be an ally for your company. Also, you can have an SEO positioning of your website or your company on the networks, so you will have many visits and increase sales of your product. Therefore, what are you waiting for to take full advantage of your company?

If you need more information or we help you in your strategy, do not hesitate to contact us.