Marketing is always evolving and changing. With fewer people turning to their TV sets for entertainment and more of a push going towards streaming services, a lot of the old, accepted rules and norms in marketing are fading away.

Digital marketing has usurped traditional marketing in so many ways. Unfortunately, many CEOs and business owners are stuck in the past and are relying on outdated marketing techniques which won’t work anymore.

People have wised up and become more conscious of doing business with companies that put forth the effort to provide them the best value and information. Furthermore, the way people are interacting with brands has also dramatically changed.

Who needs to watch an ad or read an ad in the paper when someone can just as easily send a company a tweet or leave a review on Yelp or TripAdvisor? Access and convenience have become a more prominent part of marketing because when people have issues, they want to get a hold of someone at a company online quickly.

They don’t have much time to spend calling your company and waiting a long time to get to a customer representative. With this in mind, there are marketing tactics and strategies which are antithetical to the current trends in marketing you should completely forget about and for a good reason.

1. Still Relying Heavily on Paper

We live in a digital world powered by websites where you can post information about your company. It makes no sense to keep printing a massive chunk of your advertising and promotional material when you could create a PDF and post it on your website instead.

By making the switch to digital, you save thousands of dollars in marketing costs, not to mention this is better for the environment too. How about that? Saving money while protecting the environment: one of the many reasons digital marketing is great for businesses.

2. Advertising on Television

According to the Pew Research Center, 61% of adults in the United States use streaming services to get their entertainment. Only 31% of them are watching TV at all. There’s not much of a point in creating ads for TV when hardly anyone’s watching anymore.

If you want to advertise, a much better route would be to use Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These platforms help you market to people who spend a lot of their time on the internet. Millions of people are browsing YouTube, Google, and Facebook. To many, the internet has become like their TV because they can watch whatever they want without having to pay hundreds of dollars a month on cable or satellite TV bills.

3. Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the worst ways to get new clients. With people already on guard getting phone calls from telemarketers, they are likely to hang up or never look at your business again. HubSpot says that cold calling fails 90% of the time.

It takes hundreds of phone calls just to make a sale, yet many companies still funnel much of their marketing budget on cold calling. Another reason cold calling isn’t that effective is that you don’t have enough time to establish a trusting relationship with customers.

With SEO and content marketing, you don’t need cold calling anymore. These digital marketing strategies help you get found on Google by your audience. You can offer much more value on your website and compelling reasons for people to buy from your company that way than through cold calling.

4. Billboard Advertising

Billboards are very expensive and can run a business up to $4000! For less than that price, you can have a professional web design company build your company a new website, run social media marketing campaigns, set up Google Ads, implement an SEO strategy, and much more. You’re better off saving the money for things which are going to guarantee returns in the long run.

There are lots of other problems with billboard advertising beyond the cost. People driving on the road are going to be focused on driving, so the chances of them remembering much from your ad are slim. Georgia’s recent hands-free law enacted last month has also added more pressure for drivers to pay more attention to the road too.

You can accomplish the same objectives with landing pages for your lead generation strategy instead. With landing pages, people will have more time to digest your message, and there’s way more opportunity to capture valuable information.

By providing excellent offers and creating more value than your competition, lead generation through landing pages is feasible. Through landing pages, you can also establish a stronger local SEO presence helping you get found by people living in the areas you’re offering services in.

5. Using a Phone Book

Believe it or not, people are still getting phone books delivered to their homes, specifically in more rural areas. The problem centers back to how with a simple Google search, people find products and services they need in a matter of seconds. There’s no time spent trying to flip from page to page finding a business quickly.

Local SEO has dethroned phone book marketing as the way to market your business to people. By building strong business citations and a well-crafted Google My Business listing, you give your customers a better way to contact you.

With a Google My Business listing, customers can leave your company positive reviews you can use as social proof to generate more leads. Google will also rank your business and website higher with these positive signals present.

6. Sending Customers Physical Mail

A big problem with sending people physical mail is there’s no way to keep track of who opens them or any way to objectively measure your conversion rates. Now with email marketing and powerful tools as MailChimp and InfusionSoft, you can instead build a list of potential leads from an email list.

It’s best to make your list from people who have already subscribed to a newsletter or service you provide. You’ll run into the same problems as snail mail sending emails to people who don’t have any interest or prior connection to your company’s services. Worse, your emails will be marked as spam either by them or the email provider.

7. Neglecting the Blog

Don’t underestimate the power of blogging. By blogging at least a few times a week, you give Google a reason to come back to your website and index new pages helping you get found for relevant search results.

There’s lots of wiggle room to talk about the issues affecting your industry and answer customer questions. Lastly, you’ll have more of what you need to launch effective social media marketing campaigns.

8. Not Updating the Website

Best practices in web design are always changing, and it will become apparent to website visitors that your website hasn’t kept up with the times. Older sites aren’t going to be responsive on all devices and browsers. Your old website may not have the most secure web hosting either.

More websites are using HTTPs instead of HTTP because it keeps their customers’ personal information much safer. Lastly, if your website looks ugly and unappealing, people will quickly find other business websites to visit.

9. Not Taking Time to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing won’t be practical for your business without a strategy and a plan in mind. Some business owners catch onto to the idea of digital marketing but have no clue where to start or how to make it work for their businesses. The primary job of a CEO of a firm is not to spend time writing content or running Facebook campaigns. They need to be entirely focused on running the day-to-day aspects of the business. There’s not much time to get involved in developing the digital marketing strategy.

That’s why it’s best to let an experienced digital marketing agency in Atlanta handle the work.

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