Project Description

Ascension Apostolic Church of Atlanta is a branch of a global religious organization, promoting Apostolic Christianity to communities in Atlanta. The problem was there wasn’t a website for the branch for followers and newcomers to visit, so we built one for them with the intention of strengthening their outreach in the community.

  • Frontend: CSS, HTML
  • Backend: WordPress

Project Details

Client: Ascension Apostolic Church of Atlanta

Date: 2018

Web Design
Content Marketing

Animations, Transitions, and Other Effects

On this website, we added lots of animations to draw attention to some of the most important website features, like the list of events and photo gallery. Several pages on the website also have the parallax effect enabled, adding more to the look and feel of each page.

Relevant Scriptures

Building a website for a Christian organization presented many possibilities to connect with the demographic of people who’d be interested in attending the church’s services. One way we went about creating a more authentic experience for the site visitor was adding quotes from The Bible on several of the website’s headers, with the Contact Us page as an example.