Astro Home Store

Project Description

Astro Home Store was an Atlanta web design project complete with full website redesign with custom template, integration’s, and back office CRM platform.  The web store was built with Prestashop and the customized back office CRM with CakePHP.  The system was integrated with many external systems:

  • Credit Lenders: Merchants Preferred, Progressive Finance, Crest Financial, GetFinance
  • Payment Processors: Wells Fargo,, NMI Payment Solutions
  • Verification Systems: Clarity Solutions, EVS, Maxmind, Docusign, RightSignature, Google Maps
  • Shipping Providers: USPS, Fedex
  • Analytics: Google Analytics

Project Details

Astro Home Store


Web Design

Custom Credit Application

A custom credit application for non-traditional sub prime lending was required for the Astro Home Store. This application integrated with verification systems that validated every detail about a person. Some of the validated data points included:

  • Current Legal Name / Changes
  • Previous Address and Utilities History
  • Birthday & SSN matches and are Valid
  • Public Death Records
  • DMV Record for Drivers License
  • Bank Account History / Check Systems

Inventory Systems

Astro Home Store sold products from several major distributors who offered nation wide drop ship orders.  Each shopping card ordered by customers had to be split so that individual products offered at a specific distributor would be able to fulfill that piece of the order.  The system also compared wholesale pricing for distributors that could fulfill the same items determining which would be the best option.

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