Bluefin CRM

Project Description

The Bluefin Content Management System Project was to develop a customized CMS solution that controls content for multiple online newsletters and publications.  The customized platform serves content to multiple websites, while being able to publish the same content to multiple places.  Users once registered, are tracked and profiled based on site browsing history, which allows the system to deliver customized content.  Each publication allows for users to manage their email subscriptions which are synced in realtime to outbound mail providers.


  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap
  • Backend: CakePHP
  • Technology: Windows, IIS, SQL Server, PHP

Project Details

CMD Group


Web Design

Multiple Websites

The admin system allows for an unlimited number of websites to be powered by the backend.  Each website can have its own settings, with a unique look, and operate differently using customized templates.  The CMS system populates the individual templates with articles and content from the centralized repository.

Active Directory Authentication

The backend is integrated and supports user account control from the client’s Windows domain control servers.  It supports LDAP and AD protocols allowing system administrators to specify user permission groups and password policies.  The system’s employee profile system also synchronizes its settings from the authenticating domain controller.

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