Project Description

Carbon Signature sells carbon fiber products made from mold creations and fused parts. The company’s specialty is in providing a myriad of high-end automotive carbon fiber parts for website visitors to select from. They asked us to develop, design and build a new automotive e-commerce site complete with customized plugins.

  • Frontend: CSS, HTML
  • Backend: WordPress, WooCommerce, CakePHP

Project Details

Client: Carbon Signature

Date: 2017

Web Design
Web Development

Customized Plugins and Vehicle Selector

We invested much of the time in creating customized plugins for the website to make it easier for buyers online to find the right automotive carbon fiber parts. One of the plugins we built links to a database where we imported thousands of product descriptions and accompanying data. Users can select the make, model, and year of their vehicles when searching for appropriate carbon fiber parts thanks to the plugin we created for the site.

Categorized Menu and Page Structure

Carbon Signature also sells décor, lifestyle, and apparel products made with carbon fiber. To improve the user experience of the site, we created an organized sitemap detailing the hierarchy and structure of the website’s pages. This also makes finding products much faster as the child pages are categorized product pages themselves.