Project Description

Chastain Frameworks is an online seller of framed mirrors of various shapes, sizes, and colors. The company is based in Dallas, GA and we built a website showcasing their best products & services, making it as easy as possible for customers to find what they need quickly.

  • Frontend: CSS, HTML
  • Backend: WordPress

Project Details

Client: Chastain Frameworks

Date: 2019

Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing

lead generation for roofing company

Mirror Product Catalog

One of the first things you’ll notice is the product catalog of mirrors we added to the website. There are 14 different products, and to improve the user experience, there are related products shown underneath each description. There is also a sidebar you can click on to see other mirrors & custom frames.

Home Page

The home page itself is a good place where we were able to get more experimental with the design. For example, the header has a diagonal slant going from left to right, so the reader’s eye is immediately drawn towards all the essential information below the fold with more interlinking to featured products on the site.

testimonial screenshot
georgia seo screenshot

Contact Forms

The home page also has a contact form, although you can also find one in its own page. The rest of the website has special call-to-action buttons pointing individuals to each of those forms. It’s how we often approach building new sites. Keeping the user in mind at all times, and putting ourselves into their shoes.