Discover America

Project Description

Discover America required a fully customized frontend application for the existing CMS backend system.  The project consisted of 100% development work with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  Templated pages were integrated with existing systems and configured to allow dynamic content to be delivered including localization for the user’s preferred language.  A fully featured web application utilizing Google Maps was created and ran in the clients browser.

  • Frontend Frameworks: jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap
  • Integrations: Google Maps

Project Details



Web Design

Google Maps Application

A custom web application built with google apps allowed for real time filtering for places of interest based on geographic region, state, and category of activities.  Users were able to visually select destinations that interested them along their desired travel routes and add them into their “suitcase” for later.  There was a google maps layer as well as a masonry feed that showed items matching their search criteria in a friendly interface.

  • Extensively utilized Google Maps API
  • Allowed users to filter results in realtime

Places of Interest

The templates consisted of several pages that allow users to browse places of interest in different ways and offered different ways of filtering such as: Geographic Location, Specific States, or Categories of Activities.

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