Job Support Services Lead Generation

Landing Pages

Project Description

Job Support Services, LLC is a Metro Atlanta company helping job seekers get hired for civil service jobs. They get qualified leads to their site each month through Adwords and local SEO. They have several lead gerneration websites with different domains they rely on us to manage.

  • Frontend: CSS, HTML
  • Backend: WordPress, CakePHP

Project Details

Client: Job Support Services, LLC (Lead Generation Websites)

Date: 2017

Skills: Web Development, Online Marketing, Lead Generation

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Customized Short Forms Connecting Customers to a CRM System

We built a CRM system for these lead generation landing pages and built forms asking job applicants about their desired job role, name, phone number, ZIP code, and email. People fill the forms out, and the information is sent to a database. The applicant receives email and phone notifications which they can unsubscribe from at any time.

Website Pages Designed for Maximized Conversions

On each of the lead generation websites, we installed Google Analytics tracking to keep track of the number of sessions, users, and page views every month. We also set up Analytics to track the number of times people fill out a form on the website.

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