Project Description

Nipnab is a custom Atlanta back end development project where a web application built utilizing the Google Maps API.  It allows for managing business listings, global or local events, and scheduling of activities with friends, and integrates with Facebook Open Graph allowing users to connect with their friends to coordinate and plan dates with one ore more persons.  Users are able to make suggestions and changes to active plans which then updates the other participants with new details.

  • Frontend: jQuery, jQueryUI, jQueryTmpl, Bootstrap
  • Backend: CakePHP, JSON
  • Integrations: Google Maps, Facebook

Project Details



Web Design

Facebook Integration

Nipnab Integrated with the Facebook Open Graph API allowing users to invite, share, and notify other participants of event changes.  Integrated with several Facebook features such as:


  • User’s Profile Information
  • Inviting Friends to Activities
  • Attaching Plans to Facebook Events

Business Management Tools

The system also allowed the business to manage several aspects of their profile including the following:

  • Business Media (Photos / Video)
  • Operating Hours and Schedule
  • Events Hosted at Business
  • Reviews and Feedback
  • Sponsored Search Placement

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