Project Description

RYPT is a provider of fitness training programs in New Jersey. They asked us to help them with a website redesign. We overhauled the look, design, and feel of the website and enhanced existing content on the website for best SEO practices. We also made it much easier for website visitors to sign up for fitness training programs offered.

  • Frontend: CSS, HTML
  • Backend: WordPress

Project Details

Client: RYPT

Date: 2018

Web Design
Content Marketing

Call-to-Action Buttons

Nearly each page on the website has a call to action button taking the site visitor to an appointment page where they can fill out their personal information and details. We designed the website this way to maximize conversions and sign-ups the business received from referrals, organic traffic, and social media marketing.

Menu Pictures

We used RYPT’s highest quality pictures and added them to the menu so when people browse the website, they can see different pictures of each program’s target demographic. High School RYPT, Jr. RYPT, Mighty RYPT, College RYPT, Adult RYPT, and Team RYPT each have pictures of athletes engaging in physical activity to match the vision and branding of the company.