Getting traffic to your site whether it be through SEO or running social media ads is a significant first step to increasing leads. However, not everyone who visits your website will convert immediately. Some users are pickier than others and prefer to have more time to get to know your business, almost like going on a date for the first time. In sales, these types of users would be called the “warm” leads. They aren’t ready to make a purchase yet, but you’ve grabbed their attention anyway. There needs to be a push to get them on your side.

Remarketing solves this problem by keeping your business in their minds even after they’ve left your website. Several advertising platforms will allow you to add scripts to your site which keep track of the user activity. Google Ads and Facebook Ads currently have remarketing tools available to get the job done. In this article, you’ll learn all about the basics of remarketing and why it’s so important to have for your small business.

Remarketing or Retargeting?

Let’s get a bit of confusion out of the way. Many business owners are often puzzled when they hear marketers use the terms remarketing and retargeting in their rhetoric. The purpose of remarketing is to allow the business to continue to show up on other websites a user visits. The notion we always hear is that people automatically dismiss ads and hate them when this isn’t true in this situation. People dislike interruption marketing, but here, it’s assumed that the user already has an interest in what you sell.

25% of these users actually enjoyed seeing remarketed ads because it reminded them of some products they saw on the sites they visited (CMO Adobe). When digital marketers talk about retargeting, they’re really talking about the same process, though they are also referring to when they pinpoint the target audiences for the remarketing ads.

Setting up remarketing on your site isn’t too difficult. For example, on Facebook, there’s what’s called the Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel lets you keep track of website conversions and collects data for remarketing purposes. Google Ads has remarketing options for both Search Network and Display Campaigns, which we also recommend you check out.

Ways Remarketing Can Help Your Small Business Get More Customers

With the confusion over remarketing and retargeting out of the way, here are some reasons why you need to use remarketing for your small business.

1. Boost Your Brand Awareness

Many business owners fail to understand how the typical shopper online thinks. For them, it’s not about just browsing through a selection of products or companies, and then suddenly converting. Much of their time is spent researching, researching, and researching until they reluctantly make their decision. Many buyers are suspicious of companies and want to vet them thoroughly to prevent getting scammed. Remarketing gives your business an advantage because you can follow up with these on-the-fence customers in a pleasant way.

There’s many opportunities to include additional offers, discounts, and call-to-action statements in your remarketing ads. That’s how you can get remarketing working better for you. Best of all, there’s so much room for A/B testing and experimentation and ways to see how different demographics react to the branding on the remarketing ads.

2. You Don’t Have to Spend More on New Ads

Remarketing lets you reach people who have already been to your website or interacted with one of your PPC ads. You want to focus on getting repeat visitors because the chances of them converting are significantly higher than reaching people unfamiliar with your company. Familiarity creates more incentive for people to trust you. It’s also the reason why cold calling isn’t practical, but that’s a different topic of discussion we’ll go into in the future. Just know that in all your marketing efforts, you want to establish trust between your company and the people you’re marketing your services to.

3. People Will Engage With Your Website More

Remarketed ads motivate people to come back to your site and want even more. The ads which are most personalized and targeted towards the individual user tend to fare the best in this regard. You can look up some case studies on the CXL website. One of the companies featured in the article saw 20% engagement rates from running remarketed ads. Another company was able to see their ROI skyrocket by 1,300%!

4. Your Conversions Will Increase Heavily

It’s a fact that the more times people see your remarketing ads, the more likely they will respond positively to what you’re offering. It’s part of what makes remarketing such a viable option for your business. Your brand is kept fresh on people’s minds long after they have visited your website. They are ordinary people too with lots of things going on. Understandably, they’re not going to remember everything including your business. However, they will be reminded of the positive experience they had on your site with carefully crafted remarketing strategies.


Remarketing will add a lot more bite to your digital marketing strategy. SEO and social media marketing will bring new leads and traffic, but remarketing is where you’re going to get the highest conversions. Furthermore, it’s a far less intrusive way to keep visitors interested in your products long after they’ve already seen your website.

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