Thanks to the internet, all communication moves very fast, changing the standards of personal tastes. This indicates that everything changes in the blink of an eye, and can be totally obsolete without even realizing it. This becomes stronger when the design of a web page is concerned, and this design is the first glimpse of interest that a user can have for your website.

With all the above, it is more than clear the importance that has to renew the design of the website of a company. Everything is to preserve in the market and make our products and services do not stop being commercialized.


Reasons to renew the design of your company’s website

1.- The first main reason for reviving the design of your website is closely linked to the change in technology. As you can currently guess it is very common for people to access the internet using their mobile devices. This being the case, it is logical to think that web pages must adapt all their designs so that they can be seen better in these new digital windows. This is known as ” web responsive ” and is necessary for the view of the huge number of people who access the internet from their phones or tablets.

What would happen if you do not have responsive technology on your website? Well, you would be losing customers or future buyers who might be in need of your products and services as a company. This is not profitable at all!

2.- You may need to renew your business website if it takes a long time to load and display the information. According to statistics, an average user is not able to wait more than 5 seconds for a web page to load in its entirety. So, if now your website is not ready to be explored, the user will simply leave the portal. For obvious reasons, this is something that should be avoided if you plan to market online.

3.- The new designs and the “fashionable” standards always change, and it is something that you have to keep present on the web page of your company. If it turns out not to be of the visual liking of the people, they will not consume your product in the way you expect. So, if you notice that your website looks old, then this is a reason more than enough to renew it.

At this point, the error messages that users of the platform could find also jump. These same, motivated to the first point related to the change of technology, can be very common and leave no use to your website.

4.- The last reason to renew the design of your website that you should consider is related to the number of visits that your website may have. Have you noticed that few people enter your website? If true, then it can be mainly due to the carelessness you have of that web page that shows your entire company.


How to renew the design of my company’s website

  • Investigate what the trends in the market and the most accurate ways to visualize your information are. This depends a lot on the services you provide or the products you decide to market.
  • Analyze your current web page, asking for some recommendations to your clients or recurring users. The customer is always right! The behavior of a person on your web is something that you can measure and analyze to gather more information.
  • Finally, cut everything that does not work and change it or improve it for more instructive aspects and the taste of the consumer.

Only you can give that renewal to the business website that you deserve so much, do you dare to do it?

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. In Viridian Geeks we have everything you need to renew your website.