Internet reaches everywhere thanks to mobile phones and allows us to make online purchases from these devices in any place and situation. This has completely changed the dynamics of the salesperson and customer that was becoming habitual, which makes necessary a whole new system of interaction to be able to reach customers. Therefore, how to sell more in your online store via mobile is a question that is worth answering as soon as possible. How can this be done?


What to know to sell more in your online store via mobile

The first thing you should know when creating an online store for mobile is precisely the presentation. As you know, a mobile phone does not handle the same amount of memory or data like a computer. Also, the dimensions of the device are not the same either.


For this reason, it is necessary to adapt the website for purchases in the mobile, for which we must do the following:
  1. Make sure that the shopping experience on your website is the most appropriate. What does this mean? So simple, you have to make sure that the purchase links, the images and all the content that you are showing in your online store are very well focused and that, besides, it is very simple to be done.
  2. Get a responsive and mobile-friendly design that works correctly. These two terms refer to the environment that will be displayed on the mobile once the person accesses your virtual store. Currently, different applications or programs can help you with this issue, choosing a functional design that is readily usable in a cell phone.
  3. Take care as much as you can your eCommerce, verifying the following things for a better experience when buying in online store:
    • Load speed of the web (both on the computer and on a mobile phone). This should be quick if you do not want to lose customers.
    • Size of the elements inside the screen on the mobile phone. Verify that the size is the right one so that anyone can interact without problem with your web page from your mobile.
    • Clear and concise information that goes straight to the point and at the same time motivates the customer to buy in your digital store.
    • Only use the scroll on your website from your mobile if it is entirely necessary. Remember that “scroll” is the word with which that displacement is known in two dimensions that a user can do in a web page or any digital environment.
    • Include calls to action in a clear and active way on your website viewed from your mobile. If the client does not know where to press to buy, how can he do it then?

Mastering these simple points there is no doubt that you will sell more in your online store through mobile. At the end of the day, it’s about everything being seen and working well, do not you think?


Marketing strategies to sell more through mobile

To increase your sales through your virtual store by mobile, you not only need a perfect web page and an attractive web design for the device. It is also necessary that you use other tools such as:

  • The geofencing, digital technology that allows you to segment your customers by region and so all kinds of activities. From exclusive offers to personalized advertising for people who access from there.
  • The geotargeting oriented instead grant geo-localized advertising which allows you to modify the content of your website so that it adapts to whoever is watching it. This way, people from all over the world can enter your website.

Ready to take your virtual store forward?

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