Everyone who does SEO needs to understand that Search Engine Optimization needs him or her to follow the correct strategy. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most economical ways of driving new traffic to your site. However, there isn’t a shortcut or secret way to helps your site rank better in Google. But, you can still achieve remarkable results as well as improve your rankings when you apply the best SEO practices.

Many people tend to ignore these practices, without knowing that they have the capability to boost the rankings of their sites. The following are the top three SEO best practices you might be ignoring.

Title Tags

This is one SEO practice ignored by many people. A title tag informs search engines what your page is all about, and that the page is relevant for the keyword you have used. It is important to note that title tags need to be unique on every page. Here are some of the best practices when creating title tags:

  • A title tag should appear like this: the primary keyword – the secondary keyword | your brand name
    Never write matching title tags
  • Always put a dash between your keywords, and insert a pipe (|) before your brand name
  • Your title tag should be less than 55 characters, including spaces.

Keyword Phrases and Header Tags

Header tags, also referred to as H1 tags, are just like the subject line or heading of a web page. Make sure that you include the keyword once in the header tag, on the page that you aim driving traffic to. In addition to that, you can use a second header (H2) tags if your page has multiple sections.

  • SEO best practices when writing Keyword phrases and header tags
  • The keyword phrase should be used only once in the H1 tag
  • Use header tags on the pages you want to direct traffic to
  • If the page has multiple sections, ensure that you use H2 tags

Write Easy To Read Content

Even though this is not a big determinant of search engine ranking, it assists your users to go through your content with ease while looking for keywords. It is important to use bullet points and bolding to make your post easy to read. This also tells the search engines the important parts of your page. Many people usually ignore this, and they end up filling their page with un-attractive content, which deters users. Here are three best practices of writing content:

  • Your paragraphs should have a maximum of three sentences. Long sentences usually make the users lose their attention.
  • Use bolding and bullet points to break up your content. This allows users to scan your content easily.
    Avoid overusing bolding and bullets.