The false belief that you only need to implement your SEO strategy once and that is all, is costing your business. Business owners who believe that they have to implement their strategy at the beginning and leave it to thrive are only watching as their businesses’ digital future flow into the drain. The point is SEO is a continuous process. What you implement today, you will have to assess it and change it if necessary in a month or two times.

The value of SEO cannot be underestimated. In the current age of digital innovations, a business without a strong online presence is limiting its growth potential. You will find a business with a large marketing budget and none of that s apportioned to SEO and other digital marketing activities. On the other hand, other businesses have a website with no optimization to it, hence making it almost a useless marketing tool.

Let us assume your business has a website and is well optimized. The question is how often do you carry out your SEO audit or rather a general digital strategy audit? Carrying out SEO campaigns should be a continuous practice for your business. Do the analytics more often. Use efficient metric s that shows how the SEO strategy is performing and its comparison to the competitors’. Some of the metrics you should consider are domain authority, quality and quantity of links, page authority as well as rankings.

The fluid nature of the internet is a key reason my you should implement your SEO campaigns continuously. Another is the reason is that Google keeps on changing its algorithms and therefore your SEO strategy should integrate these changes. According to Matt Cutts, former Google Search pro, the Google algorithm changes approximately 400 times per year. This affirms the reason behind implementing your strategy continuously.

Every SEO strategy should be well-analyzed, measurable, trackable and easily adjustable or flexible. This s enable is it to seamless incorporates any changes that are beyond the business owner’s control. Mastery of factors that change often such as the Google algorithms enables the SEO manager to design a comprehensive and flexible strategy. This is where research is emphasized.

Due to the dynamism and fluidity of the internet, being up to date is key. Consult the industry experts and industry influencers about the current and forecasted trends. Online businesses such as informational sites, e-commerce, or lead generation should be proactive in implementing these SEO initiatives. This is because their sites are solely based on the internet. This is the foundation of their businesses and therefore any changes will definitely affect their operations.

A digital marketing plan or strategy is considered incomplete without SEO. SEO that is not practiced on a continuous basis is considered a loophole or making the digital marketing strategy faulty. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a business owner to ensure that his digital marketing strategy remains evergreen and active. This is the only sure way to get ROI made in digital marketing strategies.

Key Note:

If you are too busy to maintain continuity in your SEO campaign, use a skilled consultant; it is worth the investment.