Most agencies that deal with digital marketing usually recommend SEO as a way of promoting your brand name, as well as assisting your business to grow. And, for SEO to be effective, it should be offered through customized strategies. Investing in SEO should be among your top goals, since it is very effective in nurturing leads into buyers, which can, in turn, assist you to boost your sales and your brand awareness. However, how can you nurture your leads into buyers?

Put Your Buyers before the Keywords

Keywords are very important in SEO. However, concentrating on the buyer, rather than the keywords can give you more value in your SEO strategies. Google runs on machine learning and AI, and this means it can study search behavior, and then determine the user intention depending on session duration, clicks, as well as other user activities.

That means, your content will rank better if it gets proper engagement. With that said, you should ensure that your content has the right keywords. In addition, it should address the needs of the buyer and try to offer a solution to their problems.

A Content Approach That Ranks and Coverts Organically

To do this, you need to determine the buyer persona. Then, you should put into consideration the buyer’s journey, and then develop a good strategy of the following stages:

  • The awareness stage – the buyer is aware they have a problem
  • The consideration stage – the buyer, has now defined their opportunity or problem
  • The decision stage – the buyer, decides on their solution approach or strategy

You need to create a list of the issues that the buyer faces in every step of their journey. Then, you will have to create relevant and specific content that addresses the buyer’s main problems by giving them a solution.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are the two most common social media platforms that help in converting readers to buyers. In addition, these two platforms can generate very powerful social signals, which can help in improving your site’s SEO.

You can easily convert users into buyers through two methods while using social media to improve your SEO.

Forming a conversion strategy is the first method. This method will require you to discover the personas of your buyers on Instagram and Facebook. One easy way to track users and understand the communities and social groups they spend most of their time in is through hashtags.

The second option adds paid media into the equation. This assists marketers to discover data that can convert users into buyers and generate SEO social signals. All you need to do is to ensure that you engage the services of a paid media expert with SEO experience. Failing to work with the expert can make you lose your valuable time and money.

SEO Revolves Around the Buyers

You need to understand your clients in great depth as this will assist you to create the right content strategy for them. This, in turn, will assist you to boost your SEO as well as convert your clicks into revenue. Today, it requires a lot of time, planning and research to launch an SEO strategy that has high conversion rates.