Digital marketing is a multi-faceted field with tons of potential for revenue growth for small businesses. Through SEO, PPC, and content marketing, the possibilities are virtually endless when seeking new opportunities within your niche. One of the tricks of the trade is making a landing page for people to browse through when you have a special deal or promotion. What is a landing page, you might ask?

A landing page is a page on your site that allows you get important information from a potential customer or lead. Usually, these landing pages are simple and don’t contain too much text so that the user can quickly understand what it is you’re trying to sell.

Landing pages also don’t have many external links to keep a site visitor from getting distracted. A landing page can either already be part of your website or created through a third-party service like Unbounce or Instapage. However you decide to create your landing page, there are a few important principles you have to understand to make these landing pages worthwhile for your small business.

What Are the Components of a Business Landing Page?

Landing pages are one of the ways you can generate more leads and traffic to your website. Here’s how it works:
1. You create a compelling offer people will want. For example, let’s say you have a 20% discount on Nike sneakers.

This could be a good starting point to develop the content people will see on the landing page.
2. Then you make the landing page itself, which will have several core components.

You’re going to need the following to make your landing page work:
a. Attention-grabbing headlines with your offer on display.
b. A lead capture form somewhere on the page. We recommend adding lead capture forms on multiple places on the page like on the top and bottom so your customers don’t miss it.
c. Images of your special promotion and your products.
d. A thank you page after someone fills out the form. This is also a great opportunity to direct them to your business social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You can feel free to experiment and play around with the landing page. Nothing is set in stone, and people are going to react differently. That’s why we also encourage you to try A/B testing, which you’re basically creating different versions of the landing page and changing things like the call-to-action buttons to see how people respond.

What Are the Types of Landing Pages For Your Business?

There are lots of landing pages you can try for your small business. It all depends on what your goal is. Do you want more website conversions or do you want more brand awareness? Whatever your goal is, you should go through this list of landing page types and learn about the benefits of each one.

Landing Page for an E-Book
E-books are a great way to provide in-depth information about your industry and services without bogging the site visitor down. The landing page would be created to get the visitor to download the e-book. You could collect an email address from a potential customer and use MailChimp to send an email containing the e-book as a PDF.

Geotargeted Landing Pages
You can make landing pages that target specific areas and regions your business provides services in. These landing pages can be included in your sitemap and in your website footer. For example, if you wanted to make landing pages about service areas, you could have a section in your website footer linking to a waterfall page and then include links to each landing page after that. For SEO purposes, you should try to change at least 30-40% of the content so Google doesn’t flag your site for duplicate content.

Squeeze Pages
Squeeze pages are designed solely to capture a customer’s email. You can advertise an email course, a white paper, or an e-book with a squeeze page. These pages don’t have many hyperlinks at all and “squeeze” or cajole the user into wanting to find out more about your business.

A squeeze page without these offers may appear to be spammy to people, so make sure you really have something valuable to offer.
Sales Page
This page is exactly as it sounds. Instead of having a salesperson make cold calls or visit a customer’s home, the sales landing page takes the same concepts and puts them on display. The idea of a sales page is to convert as many people as possible to buy a product from your website. Sales pages are also great for e-commerce websites where business owners can add specific information about a product onto the landing page.
Click-Through Page
With click-through pages, you can have a lot more content included than in other landing pages. With these pages, there is much less emphasis on call-to-actions and more focus on explaining the features of what you sell in more detail. You can offer your customers a free trial if they are interested in what you have described on the click-through page.

What Can a Landing Page Do for Your Small Business?

To understand how powerful a landing page can be for your small business, consider this example.

You are the owner of a boutique flower shop and are running a social media marketing campaign to target high school girls and boys who need to buy flowers for prom night. In your social media campaigns, you can link to the landing page that has a special offer and mention that the first 50 buyers will receive a 30% discount and get a gift card to Red Lobster.

People interested in your ad will click on it and be taken to your landing page where they can fill out the form to receive the discount.

To be clear, your landing page should be completely different from your home page. It’s not the place to get overly complicated. Keep your landing page simple and concise. You only have so much time to grab the attention of your customers and convince them to buy from your website.

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