Despite the many benefits web design can bring to the table, over 29% of small business owners still don’t have a website! In 2018, it’s literally a requirement to have a website to stay in business. Hardly anyone still uses phone books to find local businesses anymore. It’s easy to see why when so much information is available with a click of the mouse or a swipe on a tablet or smartphone.

Are you one of these business owners without a website? Then this article is for you! You will learn about the many benefits a website design can bring even if you had no idea before. Our goal is to help you understand web design better so you’ll have the tools you need to grow your business. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on traditional marketing to generate the ROI and revenue you’re looking for.

1. Show Off Your Products and Services

A well put together web design makes it easy for customers to find your products and services. They will be listed on the home page and receive their landing pages as well. Combined with good copywriting, you’ll have what you need to market your products and services. It also helps that when you find a competent web design company to work with, you have the option of sending them your images or allowing them to find high-quality imagery for you!

2. Strengthen Your Brand

By building a website, you can also construct your brand at the same time. There’s a lot of planning that goes into web design. Each color, font, button, and form is created to your liking. It all adds up to a unique user experience your site visitors will remember. Through using the best web design practices, you will have several ways to strengthen your company’s brand by:
• Emphasizing your most distinct selling points on each page of the site.
• Having contact and small business information (phone number, hours of operation, email, etc.) displayed in the top menu and footer so your customers won’t miss it.
• Optimizing each page for search engine optimization, allowing more people to find you online.
• Qualifying for PPC and social media marketing platforms including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and others.

There are several reasons why many small business owners still don’t have a website even with all these benefits we’ve discussed so far. According to a survey by GoDaddy, 35% of small business owners felt their business was too small to have a site at all. 20% of them said they couldn’t afford to have a new website built.

While it may seem cost-effective to go ahead and buy a website template or build your website on Squarespace or Wix, there are many disadvantages to doing so. We recommend reading our recent article on the dangers of using website templates to see that it’s better to work with professionals on these issues.

3. Establish Credibility and Trust

Another reason why your small business could benefit greatly from having a website is it’s a platform you can use to get people to trust you. One of the easier ways to start building trust with your customers is having an SSL certificate for your website. This will encrypt the personal information of users and keep Google Chrome from marking your site with a warning.

You can also establish higher trust by:

• Creating a Blog
It’s a fact that websites that have blogs filled with content have 434% more indexed pages (Tech Client). Indexing is a term that means that a search engine like Google will go through your website and add your pages to its listings.

By blogging consistently, you give the search engine crawlers a reason to rank your website higher for certain keywords. This is the very core of what SEO does for business owners. Without a website, you have no way to take advantage of all the free traffic you could get!

• Social Media Marketing
It’s a good idea to invest in social media marketing after establishing your new website. With the blog posts, you can also promote them on social media. Content that sits there isn’t likely to do that much for your website in the short run. Get the information out to interested buyers and try to promote your business as much as you can.

• Influencer Marketing
Having a website allows you to take more advantage of influencer marketing. Now, you can go to some of the best influencers in your industry and ask them to link back to your website. This is called guest posting. You can write content for another website you like and get a backlink in exchange. Of course, there are rules and limitations for each site, and you might also have to pay a fee.

There are other ways to use influencer marketing for your website. You can also share and repost content from your favorite influencer on your social media channels and comment on their posts from there too. With enough time, it’s possible the influencer will take note and be more keen to give your website a plug.

4. Less Expensive Long Term

Websites provide so much value in the long term. Don’t be intimidated by the pricing you’ve seen elsewhere. Yes, some companies charge over $10,000 for a website if there’s a lot of parts to deal with like adding a payment gateway or scraping data and information from hundreds of products.

However, for small business websites, you won’t have to worry about paying this much to get a great product. There’s so much about web design that pays for itself like:
• Lower website bounce rates
• Higher conversions
• 24/7 uptime
• Completing owning your SEO and traffic
• Email marketing integration
• Quicker customer service

Also, you get access to some of the best tech support. While you could build a website yourself, fixing bugs and technical problems is time-consuming. Trust that the web designers have experience mitigating these problems and possess outstanding communication skills.

5. Monitor Your Business Analytics

It’s common now for websites to have Google Analytics installed too. Google Analytics allows you to see what people are doing when they browse your website. Using this tool, you’re able to set up conversion tracking and even see what other websites your visitors came from. There’s also Google Search Console, which is geared towards monitoring your website for any technical SEO issues like any 404 pages. Here are some notable stats you should look at:

• Website bounce rate
This statistic measures how many people left your website and didn’t explore your website beyond the home page or whatever other landing pages they saw.
• Page views
This will tell you how many times your landing pages were seen. You’ll have a better idea of what content resonates most with your audience looking at this statistic.
• Number of unique visitors
It’s nice to see how many visitors are on your site, but a better statistic to look at is the number of unique site visitors. In Google Analytics, the same person can be counted multiple times in a site session. Looking at the unique visitor statistic is more useful because you’ll see how many different people saw your website once.
• Average time spent on the website
You’ll know how long people are spending on your website and whether your web design and content is engaging them the right way. Always strive to increase this stat as you’ll improve your SEO and find the best ways to keep your visitors interested in your products.

6. Quicker Access to Information

Modern web design meets the demands of customers who want their information now. It’s best practice to keep each page on your website loading in less than 5 seconds. Websites that load painfully slow annoy people into never returning. For e-commerce websites, even a 1-second delay causes a $2.5 million loss in sales.

After you create your website, use Google’s PageSpeed rank tool to see where you stand. This tool will give you many suggestions to improve your website’s speed.


It never pays to use a website template because you need to have a website which lives up to these benefits discussed. As you’ve learned, a website helps you elevate your small business in multiple ways. The best way to get a website which gives you these advantages is to consult with a professional web designer. Contact our web design team by calling 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] for more information!