Digital marketers and SEO professionals have conflicting opinions on how valuable social media backlinks are for your site’s SEO. Some of the biggest names in the industry have debated back and forth over the true relationship of social media and SEO or if there is one at all.

As the playing field for SEO is constantly changing, keeping track of the latest trends is easier said than done much of the time, and that’s why the SEO experts at our Atlanta SEO and social media management company Viridian Geeks want to weigh in on this topic. We’ll give you a clear, concise view on our thoughts and what it means for you as a site owner.

Amid all this heavy debate, we want to make it easier for you to understand what’s the big deal with using both social media and SEO for your benefit. It amazes us how faithful social media and SEO are to each other, just like when two people meet, and there’s an instant attraction between them. It’s the classic “love at first sight” trope seen in many fairy tales, Disney movies, and love songs.

Keep this picture in your mind as we discuss the fascinating nature of these two content marketing lovebirds. You can use all the love here to add more weight to your current marketing efforts seriously.

digital marketing lovebirds

What Google Says and Our Thoughts

When in doubt, always refer to the latest statements by Google on the issue. Back on June 6, 2016, Gary Illyes helped shed light on this commonly discussed point of contention on Twitter by linking to a 2014 YouTube video by Google engineer Matt Cutts. Someone asked the following questions in the video: “Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm? How much do they matter?”

The answer may come as to a surprise to many people out there who work with both SEO and Social Media channels. According to Cutts, Google doesn’t currently have any signals in the algorithm to detect social media backlinks. There’s a risk of Google crawling websites and getting blocked from certain pages.

In summary, Google developers and engineers thought it would be too difficult to keep up with the complexities of users using the blocking feature on these platforms. There’s an added challenge to extracting data which could change at any time.

All these points are well-grounded and reasonable in explaining how social media channels aren’t necessarily factors in SEO rankings. However, this doesn’t mean social media can’t be an asset for your SEO strategy. If you have a digital marketing strategy period, then you should understand how powerful social media is for enhancing the distribution of valuable content.

At Viridian, we use social media all the time depending on which packages and service levels the client selects. These are a few reasons why in reality, social media can not only enhance your site SEO but even increase it. This is not to say that Matt Cutts or the web aficionados at Google are wrong. It’s just that we believe they underestimate the power great social media management can have for the clients we work with.

Visibility from Social Media and SEO Will Draw More Attention to Your Brand

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You have the power to get a conversation going on your social media channels sharing relevant content from your site or blog. If your company is already established on all the major social media channels, sharing content will keep your pages active and remind your customers about who you are. Often the most profitable customers are your repeat customers.

That’s why digital marketers talk so much about remarketing campaigns as applied to PPC campaigns. While Viridian Geeks doesn’t currently offer PPC services, many of the same principles are just as applicable to what we do with SEO and social media management.

Most importantly, SEO and social media are both used to increase the visibility of your website and brand. It’s all about how many people you can reach and then convince them to click on your post. From there, it’s trying to get people to take the right action on your site and be counted as a profitable conversion. Even if you don’t always reach the people you want, you still took the right step in promoting your content on social media for as many people to discover.

Get More High-Quality Backlinking from Social Media Shares

Link building is still commonly used by SEO specialists to help get your website ranked higher on Google. The only difference now is how much easier it is to generate quality backlinks with the social media channels you already use.
That’s part of our approach to our social media management strategy for our clients. We write high-quality content for your website and blog and then share the best content on your social media platforms.

Then, we’ll track the level of engagement from users who saw the post. The more you share your content for social media users to see, the more likely they’ll engage and spread your content around. The result is an amazing backlink you can be proud of.

Social Media Management Adds Another Place People Can Find You

Facebook pages are indexed in Google just like any other web page out there. They may not have a direct effect on your site’s ranking or SEO power, but they are still links people can find when typing search queries. If the user finds the Facebook link interesting and relevant enough, they will click and then read your content.

Can SEO Also Add to My Social Media Efforts?

The short and sweet answer to this question is a resounding yes! Social media and SEO are so interchangeable as part of your brand awareness strategy; they can boost each other quite nicely. To best intertwine your social media and SEO efforts, you can optimize the content and posts in these ways:

  • Use the right hashtags. On Twitter and Facebook, people look for valuable content when they type specific keywords into the search bar. Hashtags are a way for you to target these keywords and have people discover your posts without having to pay for social media advertising, which is a topic we’ll leave up for another day.
  • Treat social media platforms like search engines. This principle can go for any website where people are trying to find stuff, even sites like Amazon have SEO-optimized content.
  • Optimize as much as you can. Don’t overlook optimizing the content of your post and backlink included. Use tools like to shorten lengthy links to maximize the user experience.
  • Tag and mention relevant people and influencers. Remember having to write papers in school and teachers would tell you to cite your sources? That’s the same idea here with tagging others into your posts. If they are authorities on your topic, use them to back up what you say, so you look more credible to your readers.

There you have it! SEO and social media complement each other in ways we couldn’t help comparing to a successful relationship, and you too can be part of it. Get all the website love you need from our social media management and SEO service levels, and start taking full advantage of what these powerful tools can do for your brand today!