Are you confused about how many times you should be posting on social media? We understand where you’re coming from. You’ve probably invested much of your time already in content marketing and SEO and are now looking for other ways to increase your website traffic. It’s the right idea to now build up your numbers on social media.

Imagine if you had several hundred followers on Twitter or a few thousand Facebook followers. When you promote content on these sites to new customers, they can look at the activity on your company profiles and see how many others have used your products and services. If your content measures up well and is entertaining, informative, or engaging, they are more likely to visit your website and possibly convert.

In this guide, we answer your questions about social media posting frequency. You’ll have a better understanding of how often you should market your business on social media. The effectiveness of your social media posting strategy is even affected by what time you post too. We’ll cover that here also!

Quality Always Trumps Quantity in How Often You Post on Social Media

It’s always best to focus on developing the best content you can before posting it all over social media. Mediocre content that doesn’t offer much in return for the user is always going to fail no matter how many times you post it on social media. To give you an idea of what type of content you need to have, here’s what you should strive for:

• Post content that is original and has your voice and branding all over it.
• Share personal stories and insights you have related to what you do for your business.
• Include colorful images and infographics to support your points.
• Keep your content readable by splitting up longer paragraphs and aim for a Readability Score between 60-70. You can use Grammarly or Yoast SEO to help you here.
• Share customer success stories on your blog to use as social media content.

Bottom line, you want to create as much value as you can in your content. Always think about your audience and their problems. Then, create content that solves their problems and gives them reasons to want to work with you. It’s a similar formula for creating SEO-friendly content too. For more information on content writing and copywriting for websites, check out our other guide here.

Social Media Posting Frequency By Platform

Once you have some excellent content you think is worth sharing with everyone, you can focus your efforts on developing appropriate social media posting strategies.

Many business owners make the mistake of not posting often enough on social media, so people lose interest and don’t engage with the posts. Here’s how often you should post on some of the most popular social media channels in 2018.


Contrary to what some might believe, posting all the time on Facebook isn’t practical. According to HubSpot, companies with less than 10,000 followers that posted on Facebook more than 60 times a month actually lost clicks. We believe this happens because business owners fall into the trap of posting too often, but not focusing enough on quality content.

For most small businesses, posting at least three times a week is the optimum number for engagement success. As for posting times, it also depends on your business.

Many sources say it’s best to post your content in the afternoon, but you should always experiment with this and see what happens for yourself. You might be in an industry where more people are reading your content at night or in the early morning.

It also helps to create a plan of when you’re going to post content on Facebook. Use Sendible or Hootsuite to create your posts ahead of time and schedule each day and time. You’ll increase your social media posting efficiency here.


LinkedIn isn’t too difficult to figure out. On LinkedIn, aim to post once a day if you can. You don’t have to always have new content ready either. Some days, it’s wise to repost shares to past content you’ve created. The total number of LinkedIn posts you should have is around 20, which could lead to a 60% increase in your audience reach. Of course, your mileage may vary.

With LinkedIn becoming more of a platform where quality posts receive lots of traffic and engagement, this is also a site where you want to perform some A/B testing to see what works for your business. Look at how often your competitors post on LinkedIn and try to outmatch that.

Google Plus

Try posting here three times a day and see what your results are. Lots of businesses have found great success in marketing themselves on Google Plus. Like with the other platforms, try this for yourself and see what happens, then make adjustments as needed to your posting strategy here.

Your Website Blog

In contrast to the social media networks we’ve covered, blogging is where you want to post as often as possible for the best results. If you blog more than 16 times a month, you’re already on your way to getting up to 3x more traffic than your competitors. Take the best posts on your website blog and use those for your social media posting campaigns.


The number of times you need to post on Instagram will depend on your audience and what they want to see. There’s also an algorithm on Instagram which affects how many will look at your posts. Ask your followers on Instagram what content they want to see and how often they want to see posts and go from there. 1-2 times a day on Instagram is the norm for many successful businesses.


If you have time to work on your Pinterest profile, you should. You can try posting at least five pins a day sharing interesting content and pictures you find. Organize them into different categories too. 17% of Pinterest users visit each day, so you might be able to generate leads here.


Quality will always be more important than quantity in your social media marketing post frequency. Create content your audience will love, and all you have to do is actively promote it consistently. For most social media sites, you’re on track if you post a couple of times a week.

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