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Local SEO and Web Design Pros at Viridian Geeks Will Make Life Easier

State & local governments and municipality boards and councils could all benefit from a modern web design and SEO-optimized content to appeal to internet users. The websites need to have lots of rich content and be easy for municipal staff to update whenever they want quickly. The SEO and web design professionals at Viridian Geeks understand you need a website in which citizens can participate without technical issues. We also know how constrained your budget might be, so we’ll work within those parameters to deliver a high-quality product you can be proud of. Learn more about what we can do for your police department, parks and rec board, and other types of municipalities we serve.

Flexible Government & Municipality Web Design that Makes Your Content Stand Out

Viridian’s web design pros understand how tight budgets can be at a local district and therefore want to provide the most amount of value for a reasonable price. Each municipality has its priorities and citizens to present information to, and we always take the time to create a custom web design solution for each municipal site. We will build the website on a Content Management System like WordPress and do custom coding for CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery too. We’re always keeping up with the latest trends in web design and web development and know how paramount having a mobile-responsive site is. Growing numbers of people all over the world browse the internet on their mobile devices, and we’re always up for the challenge of presenting information to mobile users.

What Types of Municipal Service Business Types Can We Help With?

Our team of content writers, web designers, and web developers are glad to take on any challenge, and will gladly service the following municipality types:

Municipal parks and recreation

Municipal health services

Police departments

Fire departments

Government & Municipality Web Design Features

Municipalities will get a whole slew of helpful features to make accomplishing your goal much easier.

Easy Navigation

Complete ownership of the website

Training Available

Integration with email marketing platforms

MailChimp, AWeber, etc.

Social Media services

for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress Content Management System

Mobile responsive pages

We can also help you out with creating an email list for your citizenry and teach you how to use your new website to manage events in your township or city. We’ll even go the extra mile and teach you as much about your new site design as possible so you can quickly make changes by yourself.

Making SEO Work for Municipalities and Local Governments

You might be asking yourself the following question when the term “search engine optimization” comes to mind:

“Why on earth do I even need SEO for my municipality website when people already can search for the town’s website?”


It’s easy to overlook the importance of SEO when you believe citizens are still going to manually look up your city hall’s information through the phone book. Times have changed dramatically due to the advancements made in technology and IT, and it’s subsequently affected nearly everything from commerce to how people search for information now. No longer are people turning to their phone book to find where you are. They need access to information quickly and conveniently, so they’re often checking their smartphones to look for you.

The whole point of having SEO for your town website is so people can find the information they need from you without a hassle. SEO practitioners like the ones at Viridian Geeks understand the tools of the trade better than most and can help you with a comprehensive assessment of where your site currently stands and how it can be optimized. From in-depth keyword research to detailed site audit reports and analyses, we’ve got you covered in more ways than one. You will learn a lot about what types of terms people type into the search bar when they need to find something. You’ll also learn about how search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo index your site’s pages. We use only the best white-hat SEO techniques to achieve the goal of making it easier for the locals to find your site quicker.

Our Municipality Website SEO Discovery Process

We’ll guide you throughout the process and regularly keep you posted on any updates to your site’s SEO. Here’s more information about how we typically come up with an individualized SEO strategy for your municipal website:

1. Talk about your municipality site and create objectives.

2. Perform keyword research to see what’s currently trending on Google.

3. Look through and discover which keywords are bringing the most traffic.

4. Narrow down the keywords to the most suitable for your organization.

5. Create SEO-optimized content which will target these keywords, and help make your purpose clearer to citizens.

6. Add metatags accurately describing each page on your site.

7. Look at other ways to improve the website from a user experience perspective.

8. Allow for enough time to then develop a baseline report to see if your keyword rankings have improved per month.

The point of going through the process with you is to figure out how to provide visitors with the most helpful, relevant content. People value simplicity and finding the answers to their issues quickly, and we write SEO-optimized content in terms the average person understands. Showing people, you have the answers to their problems.

Make Viridian Geeks Your Prime Source for Everything SEO and Web Design

As a talented team of SEO professionals, web developers, and web designers, we work together to provide a fantastic user experience for you and your customers. With our powerful combination of web design and content writing know-how, you’ll be able to help make a difference in the world faster.

With our high attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile on everything we do, it’s how we’re able to put so much into the final product you’ll receive. Nothing makes us smile more than seeing a happy state representative get real results because of content and web design we created just for you.

Get a Free Site Audit and Consultation About Your Municipal Website Now

If you’re dying to learn more about what we can do to provide your enterprise organization with the tools to get your vision out there, then make Viridian Geeks part of your SEO and web design plan.

We can get started right away on your free SEO audit and then come up with a plan to optimize your website for both local SEO and user experience.

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