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Web Design and SEO Specialists Make It Possible for New Customers to Find You

You take pride in what you do to help people with their HVAC and air conditioning problems. It’s your bread and butter, but perhaps not everyone knows about how great you and your air conditioning company are because your website doesn’t represent you as well as it should. Or maybe people are having a hard time trying to find your website on Google. If you’re an HVAC company owner in this situation, then we’d love to talk to you.

Our team of web designers and SEO content marketers specialize in creating beautiful, mobile-responsive websites which will motivate site visitors to come back for more. These sites are not only stunning to look at, but they serve an important purpose in helping your business rank better on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Why Does Your HVAC and Air Conditioning Business Need a New Web Design?

You’re probably asking yourself a question like this:

“My website is fine the way it is. I’ve had it up for several years, so why do I need to update it now and change a bunch of things out of the blue?”

Or if you don’t have a website for your business yet, this is another likely question on your mind:

“I have a local business, so people can just look it up in the phone book, so why does my HVAC company need to have a website at all?”

We understand a lot of what we’re talking about might be completely new to you. Change is hard for many people to accept because they’re afraid of the unknown initially. What can make things even more daunting are all the options that are out there for web design and SEO services for HVAC businesses like yours. When you’re finding a competent company to help you out with web design and content creation, time-consuming tasks that you don’t have time for, there are unfortunately a lot of sharks out there who don’t care about providing the absolute best service possible.

At Viridian Geeks, we prefer to do web design and SEO much differently. In an age where a growing number of people are hooked on their smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s a necessity for you as a business owner to recognize this reality. What may have worked just fine 5-10 years ago may not work now because people aren’t going to turn open a huge, cumbersome phone book. They want to find what they need at an instant, and that’s one of the greatest benefits of using smartphone technology for people.

Putting It into Further Perspective

The Pew Research Center did a study on the percentages of people spending time on their smartphones and other mobile devices. What they found signifies the growing reality of how consumers access the internet and what they’re doing online.

95% of Americans own a cellphone or mobile device

8 in 10 American adults now own a laptop or desktop computer

1 in 10 American adults exclusively use smartphones for surfing the internet

It’s clear there’s a huge market you’re missing out on if you’re still relying on more traditional methods to promote your business. Furthermore, these are the type of people who are going to immediately step away from your website if it’s not already optimized for mobile users. Even for desktop users, an ugly website will be the first thing they see, and their impression of you and your business will be soured. Perception and reputation are everything, especially for local businesses, and we want to illustrate our process of improving your HVAC business website, so people are more likely to buy from you.

What’s the Secret to a Great Web Design for an HVAC Company?

We’re glad you asked! At Viridian Geeks, we believe in keeping websites simple, clear and easy for website visitors to navigate. It’s not just about making the website look appealing to the eye, but also paying close attention to the underlying mechanics of the website too. There’s all sorts of mistakes other web design and SEO companies make when creating new sites for clients with brand new content. Often, there’s a lack of communication between the company staff and the client, and that leads to all sorts of confusion about the final product. This type of situation is an influence as to how common mistakes like these arise:

Spelling errors

Grammar Errors

Inconsistent color schemes

Poor user experience

Coding problems

To remedy these problems, here’s our step-by-step process as to how we approach redesigning your website or creating a new one for you.

Getting to Know You and Your Air Conditioning Company

It takes a lot of good planning to create a fantastic web design for your HVAC and air conditioning business. In this stage, we learn about your practice in-depth and give you a questionnaire to fill out, where you can also tell us about your competitors and your general vision for the site. You can also send us any pictures of your HVAC personnel and other important information we can use.

1. Our Web Designers Then Get to Work
From here on out, our web designers spend time drawing out wireframes and working with the SEO Specialists to create the general look and feel of your website. We flesh out everything from basic navigation to color schemes that will be used and then start creating a draft of the website in WordPress.
2. SEO Specialists Start Optimizing Each Page
Our process is a collaborate effort between web designers and SEO Specialists. While our web designers build out your website, the SEO specialists will be busy taking care of all the keyword research, on-page optimization, and content creation if needed. All of this is to make sure your healthcare site will have the best chance of ranking well on Google.
3. The Review Process
After all this hard work is done, we’ll deliver your site in a private environment so you can review and request changes. Both our web designers and SEO professionals will go back and adjust the website to your satisfaction.
4. The Deployment Stage

Once everything’s been checked off, we’ll make your site go live and submit the new site to all the major search engines including:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • Lycos
If you need any help using your website, we’re always here to help. Just give us a call at (470)-440-3434 or send an email to [email protected]

Search Engine Optimization for Air Conditioning Business Websites in More Detail

We’ve just described our step-by-step process to creating an awesome new website for your air conditioning and HVAC company website, but we thought it’d be important to dive deeper into the reasons why your site also needs SEO too in addition to beautiful, mobile-responsive web design.

What search engine optimization does is makes it easier for search engines like Google to rank your site appropriately. In the long-term, you should start receiving greater amounts of organic (free) traffic to your site without having to cough up a fortune for paid search services like Google AdWords.

The way we go about implementing SEO for your site is that we optimize these main items:

· Website content

· Meta tags

· Title tags

· Meta descriptions

· Appropriate keywords

· Image alt-text

We also make sure we’ve done our homework with regards to keyword research and finding the best keywords to base your content around. If we see specific keywords that have more potential to draw in qualified traffic, we’ll incorporate this right into our overall SEO plan for your HVAC business.

To summarize, SEO is a tool that if implemented properly, will help you save thousands on advertising and marketing costs. No longer will you need to spend so much on traditional marketing or PPC to get the traffic you need. SEO is a long-term, continuous process we’ll constantly be checking up on for as long as you’re subscribed to one of our SEO service levels. It’s paramount your site shows up on Google and other search engines or else it will be much harder for new customers to find you and your practice.

Get a Free Site Audit and Consultation About Your Air Conditioning Website Now

If you’re dying to learn more about what we can do to provide your air conditioning business with the tools to spread your message to patients, then make Viridian Geeks part of your SEO and web design plan.

We can get started right away on your free SEO audit and then come up with a plan to optimize your website for both local SEO and user experience.

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