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Our web designs and approach to local SEO are designed to help put your legal website’s presence shine. Your visitors will see a stylish, yet functional website they will enjoy browsing through, while our proven SEO techniques will help increase your site’s visibility on Google for multiple keywords over a 6-month period. Everything here is designed to help your law firm generate more leads and leave your visitors with an unforgettable, mind-blowing experience. Learn about how web designers and search engine optimization specialists will assist in resolving your problems.

What Makes a Great Legal Website Design?

Viridian Geeks always focuses on making your website design impressive. We look at every part of the visitor’s experience from UX to mobile-responsiveness. When you get a new web design from us, you will receive a design that will show off your business in the best possible light, educating and engaging your visitors into taking the most desirable action. We especially love giving old website domains a much-needed makeover and making the sites completely modern and fresh. No more drab, primitive designs from sites that belong in 2003. This is the age where everyone needs to access websites from their phone in an instant, so you don’t want to turn these potential visitors off with an ugly, barely functioning web design.

We also always place the customer first. After all, you’re paying for a premium web design provider to thoroughly make your site a hotspot for new clients to visit.

Let’s start out with all the amazing features your new web design comes with:

WordPress Content Management System

Mobile responsive pages

Social Media services

for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Training Available

Integration with email marketing platforms

MailChimp, AWeber, etc.

Easy Navigation

Complete ownership of the website

You’ll get all of this, but there’s even more, we want to tell you about as far as web design goodies go.  Not only will you get all these features, but you’ll be getting an incredible bargain out of the deal. We provide nothing but quality at a reasonable price. We also look at each law firm individually and try to create custom web designs depending on your legal practice. We don’t do stock around here, and always build our web designs with the customer in mind. We take the time to learn everything about your law firm and provide you with a questionnaire up front you can fill out.

Atlanta Web Design Benefits for Lawyers & Attorneys

Purchasing a new web design from Viridian Geeks will help you immensely in all aspects. We want you to understand just how much of a powerful difference our web designs will have on your business. You will benefit from our legal web designs in many ways.

Watch your referrals increase with time

Visitors will want to visit your site again and again

Increase your reputation and brand awareness

Customers will trust your law firm even more

Amount of time visitors will spend on your site will go up

Get more leads from people excited about your new site

Conversion after conversion

Leave lasting impressions on your site visitors and clients

Therefore, when you leave all the web design duties to real experts like the ones at Viridian Geeks, you will receive a final product where we go the extra mile to make you happy. That’s our promise to you!

We Also Help Your Law Firm with Search Engine Optimization

Web design is our bread and butter, but SEO plays an integral role too in making your website a real success. A great web design will help a lot, but having the right SEO-optimized content and meta descriptions will be what attracts new people to your site over the long-term. These are the steps we usually take to optimize your attorney website for SEO.

Discuss your law firm and create deliverables.

Perform keyword research to see what’s currently trending on Google.

Look through major law firm competitors and discover which keywords are bringing the most traffic.

Narrow down the keywords to the best ones to target.

Create SEO-optimized content which will target these keywords, but also offer value for your customers.

Add metatags accurately describing each page on your site.

Look at other ways to improve the website from a user experience perspective.

Allow for enough time to then develop a baseline report to see if your keyword rankings have improved per month.

We also check on-page SEO, title tag keywords, content, meta descriptions, alt-text, and internal linking for improvement opportunities. SEO is a long-term process which requires lots of care and maintenance from us, which is the reason you will receive monthly position tracking and site audit reports to monitor your website’s health and SEO standing.

Make Viridian Geeks Your #1 Destination for Everything SEO and Web Design

As a talented team of SEO professionals, web developers, and web designers, we work together to provide a fantastic user experience for you and your customers. We come from different backgrounds, but use our similar life experiences to create an unbreakable bond with each other to make our production process much faster.

With our high attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile on everything we do, it’s how we’re able to put so much into the final product you’ll receive. Nothing makes us smile more than seeing a happy attorney get real results because of content and web design we created just for you.

Get a Free Site Audit and Consultation About Your Legal Website Today

If you’re dying to learn more about what we can do to provide your enterprise organization with the tools to get your vision out there, then make Viridian Geeks part of your SEO and web design plan.

We can get started right away on your free SEO audit and then come up with a plan to optimize your website for both local SEO and user experience.

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