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Viridian Geeks has everything you need as a restaurant owner to stand out in the face of tough competition in your area. Get more traffic and sales today when you sign up for one of our SEO service level packages and get a nice new web design.  The city of Atlanta is a tourist hotbed and ranked as the seventh-most visited city in the United States. Over 35 million people visit annually, and that means tons of potential customers for your business. Search engine optimization is a powerful tool to get people to notice your restaurant online. Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithm, and you need real experts to help you keep up. That’s why the SEO experts at Viridian are going to show you how to navigate the SEO landscape and put your restaurant on the map.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Google

Google is fascinating for many reasons. SEO specialists have spent years trying to understand the mechanics and workings of how Google ranks websites. It’s not an exact science, but many reputable SEO marketers have observed a pattern in what Google looks for in relevant content. Here are some of the main things they look for:

On-page SEO

Relevant keywords in meta description

Alt-text image optimization

Content length

Relevant keywords in title tag

Strong internal linking

These factors are all tied together, and in many cases, you can’t have one without the other. You can’t have relevant content without relevant keywords to go with the content. Without helpful, informative content on your site, people will tune out and not bother clicking on anything. There’s a pattern here, and basically, you’ll need a strong foundation in on-page SEO to make all the other stuff work.

Let’s start with a primer on on-page SEO and what we can do to help make the pages relevant geographically.

Geographic Targeting Local SEO for Your Restaurant

Before we can think about changing the content on your site, so it’s more SEO-friendly, we can’t overlook the basics. Remember, if you run any business, you need to have proper citations. Citations are just the online equivalent of having your restaurant listed in the phone book; only you need to do it for sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages. Completing this step will ensure Google and Bing take your site more seriously in their local ranking algorithms. You won’t believe how many businesses neglect to get this part right or even do it at all, so already, you’ll be way ahead of the game with this part.

With that said, let’s get to the more fun stuff.

We need to go through your restaurant site and optimize every nook and cranny possible. Don’t be intimidated by the word optimize. Basically, what we mean by optimization is making it easier for Google access your site and give it an appropriate ranking. It’s a simple concept, but unfortunately, many people get this wrong all the time. We’re here to prevent you from making the same mistakes rookies and amateurs make when it comes to doing local SEO properly.

Much like with writing ads in Google’s Adwords platform, the meta description on a page works similarly. It’s a free billboard you can use to your advantage and summarize all the cool stuff your restaurant does. Let’s say you have a new Japanese restaurant in town and you want to talk about how amazing your signature dish is. You have some of the best, freshly prepared wasabi and want to make that part of your unique selling proposition. Well, all you have to do is come up with a summary of your business and have this mentioned in your summary. We then take that and mention it in your description. Have it mentioned on your most important pages. Then, there would be content talking about the process and ingredients used to make the wasabi and more. Wasabi itself could be a keyword to add to your title.

Many restaurant owners likely have their sites on WordPress, a powerful content management system with loads of awesome plugins available. One of these plugins is called Yoast SEO, and you can check how many characters your title and description has. Google’s maximum width of the search results is 600px, and you can have up to 60 characters for the title tag, and 200 characters for the description tag, so take advantage of both.

There’s another important point we want to make. It’s not just about having your unique selling proposition in meta description that matters but making sure the description and content on the page are targeted specifically towards the geographic location where your customers live. If you live out in Peachtree Corners, you will write the name of your business, and then include your location and state somewhere in your title tag and meta tag.

Google My Business is another online form of what you’d see in a phone directory, only it’s visible to anyone searching for restaurants in your area online. You guessed it! It’s another online billboard to advertise your business; only it’s a place where you put contact information. To claim your page, go to google.com/business and go through the steps.

Google takes your information and sends a postcard with a PIN number to your restaurant address. You have to do this yourself as Google requires the business owner to claim a Google My Business page. This gives you complete control over your listing, even if you decide to collaborate with a digital marketer or SEO professional on this part.

You will need the following information for your GMB page:

· Business hours

· Business description & summary

· Payment types accepted

· Categories

· Business address

· Contact information

Make sure you upload a clean copy of your logo and any relevant pictures the inside of your restaurant to take full advantage of your GMB listing. Fill in as many details about your listing as possible, so Google will know you completed it. Bing Places for Business is Bing’s answer to GMB and also works similarly.

This recommendation applies more to established restaurants that don’t have an online presence. If you have any positive testimonials or reviews, own them and be proud. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your social media pages and GMB page. Having great reviews on your GMB page will add extra staying power on the search engine results page. Even your site itself isn’t ranking as high as where you’d like, often, Google will display your GMB page, complete with all the reviews people have left. It never hurts to go the extra mile in SEO, and it’s another amazing feature Google has that can help you as a local restaurant owner in the Atlanta area.

However, why stop there? Humans use their ears, eyes to process information. People comprehend information differently, and we recommend getting video reviews and testimonials from your customers with their permission and upload the videos to YouTube. Then, you can take the video and post it on your site for all to see. Watch your click-through-rates and other SEO metrics skyrocket just by appealing to people’s broader senses of sight and hearing. While this isn’t required for a successful local SEO strategy in the Atlanta area, it’s still a great investment to put into your restaurant’s site.

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As a talented team of SEO professionals, web developers, and web designers, we work together to provide a fantastic user experience for you and your customers. With our powerful combination of web design and content writing know-how, your organization will be able to spend more time finding and converting new leads.

With our high attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile on everything we do, it’s how we’re able to put so much into the final product you’ll receive. Nothing makes us smile more than seeing our enterprise clients receive real results because of content and web design we created.

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