You need to capitalize on your digital marketing campaigns if you want to boost your business’ sales as well as improve your brand’s position in the market. Many businesses rely on social media platforms and blogging to achieve this. However, they don’t recognize that SEO plays a crucial role in this. However, businesses some of the common problems in SEO if they want their digital marketing campaigns to be successful.

Let’s look at some of the common problems in SEO and how to solve them.

Omitted Alt image tags

Today, it is advisable that you include mages in your content. However, you should be careful with how you place the images on your content. Many people make the mistake of ignoring the alt attributes. It is important to understand that visuals offer a good value for any business aiming to influence and educate its audiences.

Alt attributes give your content context. In addition to that, alt attributes assist your products and services to have better visibility in Google’s image search results.

Solving this issue is easy. When using WordPress, you will need to go visit your image gallery and then insert the data needed on every image manually. Don’t forget to use the heading of its corresponding article as the heading of the image. Even though this can take much of your time, it is worth.

Un-optimized content

Google continues to update its algorithms with the aim of giving search visitors the best experience. In addition, Google understands the importance of value; therefore, it makes sure that anyone with a substantial online presence assists users to get what they are searching for. Because of this, Google has made its rule stricter. It requires businesses to concentrate more on giving their audiences value. In addition, Google penalizes anyone who tries to circumvent these rules.

When you realize that your SEO campaigns are not performing as you expected in terms of generating traffic to your site, then you need to check your content. This is because there might be something that Google doesn’t like in the content. Doing a complete content audit can assist you to identify the issues that are making it not to perform better.

When doing the content audit, check for the following things:
  • Check whether the content has a word count of 500 to 1,000
  • Its images have the proper alt attributes
  • Has used H1 and H2 tags correctly
  • Has both inbound and outbound links, to appropriate landing pages
  • Contains the correct keywords that users are searching for

404 errors

People don’t like it when they click a link, and they get relayed to a page with a 404 error. 404 errors are a nuisance to any brand that seeks to have a strong presence online. Furthermore, these errors can make your bounce rates to go high, which can reduce your search engine rankings.

However, you can quickly fix the 404 errors. First, you need to check whether you have any broken links on your site. Testing your pages in the navigation menu can assist you to achieve this. Once you identify the affected pages, you can go ahead to update the broken links. The simplest way to fix this problem of the affected links’ URL, is to direct users to relevant landing pages.