Textbroker, BlogMutt, Zerys, Writer Access, CopyPress. Do any of these names sound familiar to you? If you’ve outsourced content before, then you’re most likely familiar with how these websites work. You submit requirements for some content you want, and then the writers on these sites produce content with turnaround time as little as 24 hours. It sounds great on the surface until you realize that the quality of the work you’re going to get from freelancers on these sites is going to vary considerably, often with disastrous results.

We understand that you don’t always have time to write good content yourself. After all, you have a business to run, but if you’re expecting quality from outsourcing to these websites on the cheap, then here are some reasons why you should think twice about outsourcing content marketing work to these websites. You’re much better off letting a professional SEO and content marketing firm oversee the content curation and creation process.

1. It’s Cheap for a Reason

It sounds attractive being able to outsource your content and pay as little as possible to have one of the writers on these sites do the work for you, but that’s just it. Cheap is cheap, and you’ll be getting what you paid for. You risk getting back content filled with typos and grammatical mistakes because the freelancer was in a rush to beat the tight deadlines.

Furthermore, there’s not much quality control on these websites. You don’t even know who’s writing any of the content. Getting scammed and ripped off on any of these sites happens often, and it’s tricky to verify whether the people you’re working with are whom they say they are or even possess the credentials and experience to be creating content for your website.

2. Unreliability

Many of these websites have been deemed to be “content mills” and don’t have much of an excellent reputation in the industry. Because of the low pay writers on these sites usually get, a lot of the writers feel pressured to cut corners just to get paid. That means the reliability of the freelancer comes into question. You can work with one of the best content creators in the field, only to end up working with someone completely different the next time you need content quickly.

Content mills are unpredictable, especially with how anyone can register an account on these websites, pass the writing tests they give (with the possibility of cheating too), and produce content with little to no value for your business.

3. Potential to Destroy Your SEO

You’ll rarely get a lot of good, long-form content by using a content mill for your needs. The minimum word count requirements can be 300 words or less. You can’t expect to be able to build fantastic SEO with mediocre content like that.

Furthermore, a lot of black-hat SEO scammers use these sites and don’t have any standards on the quality of the content. You can add this content to your site, but be warned that it’s going to reflect negatively on your SEO, mainly if the content is filled with keyword stuffing, one of the worst SEO mistakes you can have.

4. Difficult to Resolve Disputes

Sites like Textbroker are notorious for their poor conflict resolution practices. The freelancers on these sites are paid pennies on the dollar for their work, so there’s little incentive for them to produce quality content the first time around. There’s much time spent on revisions, and sometimes it takes weeks for the content creators to be paid since the editorial process can take a while.

It’s also a pain to deal with conflicts on these sites when you’re unsure of whether you’ll be working with the same writers or dealing with someone else. It can be all over the place and not worth the hassle at the end.

5. The Content Won’t be Up to Par

The reason there’s so much garbage content on the internet is because much of it is produced by people who don’t care or want to help other people. Content mills attract people desperate for a quick buck. Thus, they have no reason to work hard to produce content that lives up to your standards or matches the persona of your brand. There’s way more pressure to cut corners and produce slop that has no chance of persuading anyone to buy a product or service on your website, which is ultimately the point of content marketing and copywriting.

6. Emphasis on Quantity, Not Quality

On a content mill, you will get a ton of content in a short amount of time but not much in terms of results that matter for your business. It’s important to know that 90-95% of all content on the internet goes unread, and it’s primarily due to the fact that most of it doesn’t provide value for people reading it.

You can read this case study by Neville Medhora who experimented with one of these content mills only to find that it was a complete waste of his time because only a small number of the articles from these sites were able to rank well on Google.

Why Should You Outsource to a Professional SEO Agency Instead?

There’s a ton of negatives outsourcing to content mills where the writers mostly remain anonymous. Why is a professional SEO agency much different?

• No Anonymity
You know exactly who is going to work on the content for your website, and you can go through our team page to get to know us better.

• More Time to Develop Great Content
Our turnaround time for a new website is around 30-60 days depending on the size of the project. That gives our content marketing team more time to get the style and tone of the content correct as you’ll see for yourself what your new website looks like and what will be on there.

• Free Revisions and Change Requests
For the first six months, you will not be charged for any revisions or changes you want made to the content or the website itself. If for any reason you want something changed later, you can always email or call us anytime.

• SEO Agency Actually Knows SEO
There are many content marketers, but you’re far more likely to get someone who also knows SEO really well by using an agency. Many of the writers on content mills have no experience with either content marketing or SEO at all and don’t understand how to create readable content for both search engines and people.

• Higher Standards in Quality
Content created a professional SEO agency goes through stricter quality controls than what you’d find on a content mill. The best proofreading tools are used to make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes as Google ranks websites where the content is well-written.

• Better Longform Content
SEO has become more competitive, and you’re going to need above average content to win. Our content marketers are adept at creating longer pieces of content including landing pages and blog posts that will perform better in search engines than skimpy 300-word posts and articles like what you’d find on a content mill.

For more information on what separates mediocre content from the spectacular content you’d get from SEO experts, please read our article on content writing and copywriting. We are sure that you’ll learn a lot about what goes into creating copy that sells.


You get what you paid for when you outsource content to one of the many content mill websites. There are occasions where you can get something back that will work for your business, but these instances are rare and are an exception to the rule.

Because the content writers are paid very low on these sites, there’s no motivation for them to perform at their best. You will get lots of articles, posts, and copy, but not much of it will be of any SEO value.

Why keep wasting time and money on any of these sites when there’s a much better solution? Viridian Geeks is a professional SEO and digital marketing agency in Atlanta that 100% US-based and local.

We’re SEO experts that know the industry super well and have worked with small businesses to get them ranked higher in search results through excellent content marketing and SEO.

Call us at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] to get started with a free consultation and website audit to see if your current website content needs a tune-up from one of our content marketing and SEO pros. We look forward to working with you soon!