When it comes to web design, many people tend to concentrate on the best practices in branding as well as the design components. Although these components are essential to how your site feels and looks, it is also essential to employ high-level and strategic approach when designing a new website or to redesign an existing one. In this article, we will focus on general web design ideas that are important to successful web design.

Concentrate On Your Prospective Clients, but Do Not Forget Your Existing Clients

If you want to redesign your website, it is essential to ensure that you keep your prospective and existing customers in mind. You should ensure that you maintain your brand recognition in one way or another, and this can be through your color, styles, and logo, or even the tone of your content. This essential as it helps in bridging the gap between your new and old web design. However, it is imperative that you keep your mind open about how the new look of your site can assist you to reach your target market and also to generate new ideas.

Keep the Future Your Plans

When redesigning your website, you need to have an open mind. That means you are interested in new interactive features and design styles. A good web redesign should assist you to develop your company and help you maintain a strong online brand presence for over three years. That means you should think out of the box regarding the appearance and functionality of a website.

You can decide to do some online researches to compare different styles of redesigned sites, even if they don’t fall within your business’s industry. This will help you realize that web design functionality and styles are ever changing. However, your contracted web designer should advise you in the best features and styles that can assist you to reach your target audience. In addition, the features and styles should function within your sector, and for a long term.

Make the Website Simple for the Users

Users should navigate and understand websites—this can play an important part in converting the user. Regardless of their appearance, good websites don’t give users a hard time when navigating. In fact, your site should make it easy for the visitor to find what he or she is looking for.

A simple website has the following:

  • Distinctive value proposition – this is a simple and very effective statement about what your business offers. It should appear at the center front of your home page.
  • Navigation – your site should have a navigation that is easy to use and find. This should allow the user to learn more about what your company offers.
  • CTA (call-to-action) – this is the field where the visitor can contact you. Ensure that the CTA buttons are bold attractive in order to capture the eye of your visitor.

It is important to note that fresh and unique web design can assist your visitors to interact with your site positively. However, if any of the above things that assist in creating a clear path for your user is hard to access or missing, designing a fancy site will not assist a user find what he or she wants.