In the minds of many business owners, SEO has become another magic buzzword that they know that they need. There’s much mysticism built around SEO by many amateurs in the field, preventing business owners from seeing the true value in SEO. SEO can benefit your website in so many ways, but it’s not like how the scam artists in the industry would have you believe.

We’re here to show you how SEO can benefit your website and provide factual information based on our experiences helping many small businesses with SEO and designing mobile-responsive websites that look amazing on all devices and browsers. By the end of this article, your eyes will be opened to all the overlooked possibilities of having SEO performed for your website. You won’t want to think about anything else for a while after you read our ten reasons why you need SEO for your business now.

1. SEO Won’t Go Away Easily

Unlike social media advertising and pay-per-click, SEO is a lot harder to disappear overnight. SEO takes a lot of time and investment to start working on your website. Usually, you should start seeing results after at least 4-6 months. There’s plenty of room for mistakes in SEO, but there’s enough time to fix them before anything bad happens to your website.

A proper SEO strategy implemented on your website will produce results that will continue to last as long as the website continues to grow, add new, valuable content and be optimized to load quickly. While Google will always change and update their algorithm, many of the principles behind SEO will not, especially when it comes to developing worthwhile content.

2. Your Competition is Crushing You

Because your website has not been optimized for SEO, more than likely, your competitors already have the upper hand in getting leads and customers online. Even if your business is doing very well even without an SEO-optimized website, we still firmly believe you need to have one to stay ahead of your competitors and dominate your niche even further.

Compared to what you’re spending running your business, the cost of a new website and some on-page SEO isn’t likely to be as much of an expense, especially when you think about the returns you could be getting right now.

3. People Are Searching for You Online All the Time

More people are spending their days surfing the internet, and that means a lot of that time is going towards looking for things on Google. Wouldn’t you want your business to show up when a potential customer searches for a product you sell? For that reason alone, you’re going to need SEO to reach these customers in a way that wouldn’t be feasible with other kinds of marketing.

You should also consider using a Google My Business listing to help your website appear in local search results and on the map pack. We have a Google My Business article you can read which has more information on all the cool features you can use to make more money online now.

4. SEO Doesn’t Cost That Much

SEO will pay for itself once you get people finding you from Google and other search engines. For many businesses, getting a couple of new leads a month from online searches alone will more than pay for the SEO services they receive. All it takes is getting at least 2-3 new customers a month from search engine results. Depending on your industry, you could make more than enough money to justify paying a reputable SEO company each month to develop new content and make adjustments to the website to create more SEO opportunities.

5. You Can Measure SEO Overtime

SEO is also quantifiable and can be measured each month. You will be able to see if your website is gaining new rankings in keywords and see how much of an increase there has been during each period. There’s other ways to tell if SEO is genuinely working for your website or not through examining data in Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Click-through-rate, impressions, and search queries are what we look at to check if our SEO campaign is doing well or needs further improvement.

6. You Will Reach Mobile Customers

Ever since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the internet has transitioned into a medium widely used on mobile devices. In this day and age, your website has to be up to scratch on all the latest standards in responsive design and CSS. Your images also need to be compressed to keep your website speed as fast as possible to keep people on your site longer. At Viridian Geeks, we integrate both responsive design and best SEO practices into our work, so you’re getting quite a lot for less.

7. Perform Market Research Easier

You can get a better understanding of why your competitors are so successful through keyword research, another critical component of SEO. Keyword research allows you to see what your competitors are being found for and what they are spending most time focusing on when selling their products. Furthermore, you can take the insights you found from keyword research and use them to improve your business and develop products and services which resonate best with your target audience.

8. Fix Technical Website Errors

SEO is distinct in that there’s a lot of technical parts you should be concerned with. It isn’t just about having excellent content, though that is undoubtedly a big part. Your website needs to produce as few errors as possible. There shouldn’t be any broken internal or external links, nor should the user spend a long time waiting for your website to load on their device. Technical SEO is a huge deal and not something you should be dealing with alone.

That’s why we have web developers and web designers who are skilled in fixing many of these technical problems, as well as SEO specialists who know WordPress like the back of their hand and are Yoast SEO ninjas too! Unbelievable, isn’t it? But again, this is the value you’re getting from an SEO company that knows what they’re doing and has the right team in place.

9. Easily Add Social Media Marketing

SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing are closely intertwined and related. It’s tough to be able to do social media without having a website that already has SEO-optimized content, to begin with. Google also pays close attention to social media signals on your site, so in a way, you’ll be able to get your company out there on more platforms than you might have realized before. SEO is your gateway to then take advantage of other digital marketing strategies like social media to reach more customers and boost your number of leads per month.

10. You Will Save Lots of Time

There’s only so many hours in a way where you’ll have time to devote to marketing your business. You should leave all the content creation, on-page SEO optimization, off-page SEO backlinks, social media marketing, meta description and title tag creation, and much more to our SEO specialists. They are experts in content marketing, content curation, content creation, keyword research, SEO strategy, and much more!

To get started, you can call Viridian Geeks at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] to request more information. You are also eligible to get a free SEO website audit and a free consultation! We hope you have also enjoyed this article and can start thinking about SEO differently.