Are you struggling to come up with ideas to market your business? Perhaps you’ve gone through just about everything you can think of in B2B marketing, but feel that you’re missing something important still. We understand what that feeling is like, especially if you’re on a limited budget and don’t have a full in-house marketing department to promote your business.

There’s a simple, cheaper way to market your business online and that’s by blogging. Did you know that over 2 million blog posts are published a day? Using a blog as a vehicle for marketing and sales is something that’s been often done by your competitors.

Therefore, you should also adopt this marketing strategy for your business. We’ll show you ten reasons why you need to start a business blog right now and show you some tips to make your blog’s content worthwhile. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now, because time is precious and each time you write a great blog article, you’ll get closer to getting the sales you need to grow your business.

1. You’ll Create a Lead Generation Machine

Your blog is your chance to show people how valuable your products and services are. It gives you an opportunity to position yourself as an authority on the subject matter your website is based around. By creating blog content targeted towards specific groups you want to sell your services, you can segment your blog content creation efforts by demographic and boost the likelihood of interested, qualified buyers finding your website.

2. Improve Your Website’s Traffic

A website with 0 content is not going to get anyone new to find you. In fact, content is what mostly makes up search engine optimization. How is Google going to know that your online business is legitimate without any helpful or useful content on your site to begin with? It just makes sense to put a little time and love into making your blog great, even if you only have time to do a couple of posts every month. It is much preferable to not having anything on your blog to work with.

3. Develop a Loyal Fanbase

If you’re consistently providing lots of value on your blog, inevitably, you’re going to have people who are going to come back for more regularly. You can motivate these fans to tell their friends and family about your blog and be able to broaden your website’s following slowly. This will take time, effort, and patience, but if you are willing to do whatever it takes, we have full confidence that you too will be able to develop a profitable blog yourself.

4. Position Yourself as an Expert

What better way to show off your knowledge about your industry and niche by having a blog chock-full of insightful posts educating people about what you do? You will most certainly stand out from your competitors if they haven’t been producing much new content on their blogs lately. Here’s your chance to undercut them and be a better blogger than them just by publishing unique content regularly.

5. Rank for Long Tail Keywords

When you’re in a more competitive industry, you’re going to need to rank well for long-tail keywords. Blog posts allow you to target long-tail keywords, while the rest of your website can focus on other keywords you want to be found via search engines. Google also likes to rank sites which have good content published regularly, so you’re adding a lot to your website’s SEO in a way that would not consume your time or exhaust your staff.

6. Better Social Media Marketing

Like with SEO, it’s also challenging to do social media marketing without good content to back it up. You can pay for Facebook Ads all you want, but you’re still going to need useful, valuable content to share with customers. You can develop a social media marketing schedule which closely aligns with your blogging schedule. That way, you will have the means to get your content out, but it won’t sit there for a long time not being read or shared by your target audience.

7. More Chances for Google to Index Your Site

Worried that Google hasn’t indexed your site enough? With a steady stream of blog posts published, we can guarantee you that Googlebot will index your site again soon enough. From our experience, it takes about 1-2 days for our blog posts to index with Google. If you’re worried about how fast Google will crawl your posts, then you have nothing to fear. Just make sure that you’ve correctly optimized each post for SEO, and you’ll be golden.

8. Offer Commentary on the Latest Industry News

You will be able to respond to the latest news relevant to your industry very rapidly with a blog set up on your site. It’s much faster than having your web designer or web developer update a landing page for you since you can write the posts yourself and publish them in WordPress’s CMS system, where you can also install Yoast SEO to optimize your posts and content.

9. Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another tool many businesses have used to grow their profits. You can use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog and get some sweet kickbacks from advertising products from your partners. Work out an agreement with them, and then start adding links to products your customers would really love. Then, you can turn a blog that had little to no traffic into a worthwhile investment with the aid of affiliate marketing.

10. Market Your Business in Unique Ways

Your blog doesn’t have to be all dry, dull, and corporate. Since this is your blog, you can insert a lot of your personality into the content you write. Use your blog to post pictures of your staff and some of the daily events in your business. Combine these posts with your sales-oriented posts, and you will hit the right balance between sales and offering a friendlier face to people who don’t know who you are or what your business does.


There is no excuse not to be able to start a blog right now, even without a website. You can use this time to begin brainstorming topics and ideas you’d like to talk about and products you’d like to sell. Want to get started even faster? Contact our local Atlanta small business blogging experts at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] to learn about our services to help grow your business today!