You’ve been spending lots of time and resources giving your small business website the SEO love it needs for it to attract more customers and help you make more money. Your site already has its on-page SEO down, and there’s alt text on all the images you’ve used. Everything seems to be in perfect order on your website, yet you’re finding that month after month, your website struggles to perform well in search engine results.

For many SEO marketers, this is a nightmare to deal with, and there can be many causes for the rapid decline your website is experiencing. It’s a startling feeling seeing your number of keywords drop. Rest assured, we have the solutions to make it easier for you to fix the problems which are stopping your website from ranking higher.

You will find that when you implement these fixes onto your website, you should see a difference within a matter of weeks.

1. Google Just Updated their Algorithm Again

If your website has previously done well in SEO and you see a sudden drop in website rankings, it could be temporary and nothing to worry about. Google updates its algorithm routinely and sometimes this has a short-term impact on the SEO of many sites. We recommend that you wait and see if your search engine rankings recover and if not, there could be something else going on that you should check.

2. Your Website is Still New

SEO takes lots of time to develop, especially if your website is new and doesn’t have much to stand on as of yet. The SEO-optimized content may be there, but you need to give Google time for their search engine crawler to go through your site and rank your landing pages accordingly.

You can speed up this process by submitting an XML sitemap to Google Search Console. The premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin allows you find the URL to your sitemap, which is There are also lots of free search engine submission websites you can use to submit your website to other search engines besides Google if you want to maximize your SEO potential.

One of our favorite website submission tools is EntireWeb. You just enter your domain and email address and follow the instructions. You should get a confirmation email from EntireWeb after you’ve submitted your site.

3. Your Website is Too Slow

Technical SEO is a crucial part of keeping your website search engine-friendly, and one of the most significant technical SEO factors Google looks for when ranking a website is through page speed. Lower page speeds make the website experience a lot easier for the user, and they won’t be so quick to find another website to visit because they couldn’t wait a long time for your site to load on their browser.

To check your website page speed, use PageSpeed Insights from Google Developers to see what’s really going on with your website. You learn about all the things that need to be done to improve the speed of your website from minifying your JavaScript and CSS files to enabling image compression on your website.

4. Google Penalized Your Website

When Google penalizes your website, your site will not show up for specific keywords and you will lose a ton of your SEO rankings. Google is just making sure that they are providing legitimate content and cutting down on spam sites with black-hat SEO on them. There are dozens of reasons why Google penalizes websites, but we can guarantee you if your website is filled with keyword stuffing and unnatural verbiage and text, Google’s algorithm is going to catch whiff of something suspicious going on.

A penalty from Google may also be the result of having too many spam websites linking to yours. Google also cares about the quality of the backlinks going to your site, so you must be sure you aren’t gaming the system. As long as you’re offering high-quality, original content that is optimized for SEO and it’s compelling enough for people to share on social media and blogs, you should be okay in this regard.

5. Your Site Has Too Many Broken Links

Your site may have a lot of broken links which need to be fixed, thus making it harder for search engine bots to crawl through your website. It’s also an unpleasant experience for a website visitor to click on one of the links on your site only to be taken to a 404 error page. Perform a website audit to see how many broken links you have and fix them to adding redirects to relevant pages on your site. Yoast SEO Premium is one of the best tools you can use to add link redirects on your site quickly.

Are You Still Unsure About What’s Causing Your SEO to Drop?

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