One of the major component that direct traffic to your website is search engines. That is why many bloggers and SEO specialists seek to know the plugins and tools that can assist them to improve their SEO. This article will highlight the top 4 SEO related plugins and tools for bloggers.

WordPress SEO—Yoast

Many bloggers agree that this is one of the best SEO plugins. The WordPress SEO, which is developed by Yoast is the answer to all the on-site SEO activities. This plugin allows bloggers to add a meta description, SEO titles, as well as meta keywords to their posts and pages of their sites. In addition, the WordPress SEO allows bloggers to write a customized title for their main website, category, tag pages, and archives.

Furthermore, the plugin adds Twitter Cards, Open Graph meta data, ping search engines, and sitemaps whenever the blogger updates their site. The WordPress SEO has many features, which can assist you to improve your site. So, why not try it now?


This is a tool used by SEO professionals to collect insights and analytics from other competing sites with the aim of improving their SEO. SEMrush allows you to get insights about the keywords you can use to improve your rankings, places to get backlinks, as well as insights from the advertising strategies of your competitors. This is not a free tool since you have to pay for its subscription. However, thousands of SEO professionals are currently using it. SEMrush can offer you a massive wealth of relevant information.

Open Site Explorer

This is a free tool developed by Moz and allows SEO pros to check insights from any domain. With this tool, you can see which site is linking to a particular domain and the anchor text the site is using. In addition to that, this site provides important information such as linking domains, top pages, and the pages linked to your site. Open Site Explorer is a free tool; however, it has a maximum daily search for each user. However, you can subscribe to Moz Pro, which can give you extra benefits like access to other important SEO tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Every blogger knows that Google has the most insight about the things people are searching. You should know that Google can give you keyword ideas using Google Keyword Planner. This is free tool provided free to the advertisers using Google. It assists you to determine the keywords you can use for your advertising campaigns. In addition, it assists you to choose the relevant keywords as it gives you an approximation of the search volume, results, as well as difficulty level.