The cat’s been out of the bag for a while with social media marketing. Numerous businesses now use social media daily to promote content, start conversations, and make their brands heard. It’s no longer this well-kept secret, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can still learn from using one of the most popular social media networks. Every day, people send 500 million tweets a day, which adds up to over 200 billion each year. You can look at the stats for yourself and see how massive Twitter has become since its launch in 2006.

Now, it’s hard not to watch a commercial and a company’s Twitter name mentioned at the end or a hashtag campaign that blew up and made the news. Nearly half of people who follow a company’s Twitter account are going to check out the website too. In this article, we’ll show you how Twitter can help grow your brand and show you some examples of influential people who have made Twitter into their own.

1. You Have More to Say Than Ever on Twitter

A while ago, tweets were limited to only 140 characters, which had been the norm for years. In late 2017, Twitter changed the character count to 280, and engagement rates have skyrocketed since. The core functionality of Twitter remains the same, but with more wiggle room to tweet, you can better inform and convince people to visit your website and buy your product. Look at the way Netflix has been using the expanded character limit to their advantage in the screenshot below:

twitter social media marketing example

You can find the original conversation here. The social media marketers at Netflix make the most use out of what they have to work with. The first tweet alone is 206 characters, followed by a discussion about women’s character development in film. The first tweet also got over 3000 likes and 648 retweets.

2. Hashtags Help You Get Heard and Found

What would we do without Twitter’s brilliant hashtag system. You can talk about anything you want related to your business. There’s always an opportunity to grow your Twitter followers by optimizing your tweets through hashtags. Charmin is one of those brands that uses hashtags to the fullest. Nearly every recent post from their account has a hashtag in it. Bathrooms aren’t the most comfortable topic to talk about or make fun, but Charmin’s cute hashtags, pictures, and reactions to current events add a lot of charm to their social media marketing.

3. Get in Contact with Industry Influencers

Twitter is useful for getting in contact with top industry experts and influencers in your industry. You can retweet content from the experts you like most and add your reaction or commentary, or you can leave replies to tweets you saw on their profile. Either way, there’s always a chance the influencer may notice your content and retweet it. It’s a win-win for expanding your brand awareness in a very inexpensive way.

4. Lots of Media Supported

You’re not just limited to writing text in your Twitter content. Twitter also allows you to upload videos and pictures. Many businesses upload animated GIFs to try to create memes to go viral to grow their brand. There’s even a feature where you can create polls and surveys to ask your customers questions to improve customer support and product satisfaction. Always remember people like to consume content in different ways. What’s unique about Twitter is how you can appeal to people’s senses all at once with just one or two tweets.

5. Lead Generation Opportunities are Endless

Twitter is another channel where you can build a list of leads. On Twitter, you can convince potential customers to click on a link to a landing page explaining how your product or service can solve their problems. Using some of the techniques we’ve shown, you can direct your customers to pages where you can then collect their contact information. From there, the sky’s the limit with what you can do. It doesn’t even have to be an email form. You can create a contest, offer exclusive discounts, and so much more in your tweets.

6. Competitor Research & Analysis

Want to know why your competitors are doing so well? With Twitter, you can easily spy on your competition and check to see what kinds of messages and comments they’re getting from customers. You will be able to see what they’re doing to keep engagement levels healthy. There are social media marketing tools to simplify the process including Sendible, Hootsuite, and Mention to name a few.

7. Twitter is PR Central

Don’t have the money or resources to hire a public relations firm yet? Nowadays, it’s much easier to establish a good (or bad) reputation through Twitter alone. While you can quickly destroy your reputation through one or two bad tweets, you can also develop a stronger reputation over time.

Take President Donald Trump for example. Love him or hate him, his use of Twitter to communicate with his followers, fans, and critics alike has been extraordinary. With over 50 million Twitter followers, Trump has turned his Twitter into a pulpit difficult for many to ignore. Much of the time, he uses his Twitter feed to respond to critics.

He goes against the grain and is aggressive and relentless with how he tweets. Throughout his campaign, he focused on marketing himself as being tough on immigration and continues to rally around this central premise after he achieved results he needed to become president through use of social media marketing on Twitter.

There is no doubt that his impact on Twitter social media marketing will be felt for years to come long after his presidency comes to a close whenever that might be. If Twitter can work for someone like Donald Trump, it will likely work for your business too.


Over a billion people have Twitter accounts, and most of your competitors are on Twitter too. You need to establish a social media presence on Twitter to make your brand heard. The opportunities to develop a powerful reputation on the platform to generate leads are endless.

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