One of the tasks to perform when launching a new website is the choice of a web hosting service for it.

The hosting of our website, even though it is a somewhat technical matter, will mark and limit some aspects and functionalities of the website. For example, the number of users who can access at the same time or its upload speed, a factor linked to SEO positioning.

There are different types of web hosting, each with its pros and cons. Depending on the type of web project we have in hand, we will choose a web hosting or another.

But before going into detail about the different web hosting options, let’s review other aspects that will determine our choice.


“The choice of hosting for your website will have great influence on many factors such as SEO.”


Why is the choice of web hosting important?

As mentioned above, the hosting of a website can have an impact on multiple factors, not only on a technical level, such as:

  • SEO positioning: the loading speed, the IP address or the existence of 500 errors, variables linked to the functioning of the server, are signals that affect web positioning in search engines.
  • Operation and usability: the malfunction of a server can affect how users interact with our website, for example, preventing a purchase or submit a form.
  • Perception of users: although we have built a strong brand image, if our website is constantly falling or working incorrectly, the perception of users will be quite negative.

Therefore, the choice of a web hosting of poor quality or inadequate for the scale of our project can lead to many problems:

  • Server crashes
  • Malfunction due to resource limitations
  • No backups
  • Security issues
  • High load times
  • IP addresses abroad


Types of web hosting

There are many criteria when cataloging the different types of web hosting. For the following classification, we will use the optics of a person looking for hosting for their new website and must choose between the commercial offers of different providers:

  • Free hosting: some distributors and portals offer free hosting services, sometimes as a gateway to other payment products. The problem with this hosting is that they are usually very limited in terms of resources and functionality, they do not allow any customization, they are unreliable and do not offer added services. Therefore, they are not recommended to host a website at a professional level.
  • Shared web hosting: the most common model, in this case, our website will share a physical server with other websites. This implies that the resources of the accommodation are shared by all its “inhabitants,” so if one of them consumes a lot of resources, it can saturate all the others. In professional web projects with little traffic, they are usually an economical option to consider.
  • VPS Server: Halfway between shared web hosting and a private server, a private virtual server hosts different websites on the same server, but compartmentalizes each one in a virtual machine. This system isolates each hosting and assigns resources individually to each one so that other hostings of the shared system eliminate the risk of saturation. On the contrary, it is usually somewhat more expensive.
  • Dedicated server: in this case, we have a physical machine only for our web hosting, so all the resources are destined just for our project. In addition, we will have a high degree of customization of the server. The increase in performance, but, goes hand in hand with an increase in costs.
  • Cloud Hosting: a solution that combines web hosting with all the advantages offered by Cloud Computing, such as data redundancy, hosted on different servers, or improvements in security and performance of this technology. Here the payment model changes since we went from paying a fixed fee to doing so based on the resources consumed by our website.

Some providers also offer specific solutions, such as hosting aimed at CMS such as WordPress or Prestashop.

The choice of web hosting right will determine many factors in our web project. Given the importance of this decision, in Viridian Geeks we adapt the web hosting service that we offer our clients to the characteristics and requirements of their projects.