Bad user interface design has some serious effect on your site’s traffic. A poor UI design can turn users away while an exceptional design can make a user to come back again and again. Even though the UI field is ever evolving, web developers still make UI design errors while designing websites. What they don’t know is that these mistakes have a lasting effect.

Here are 4 UI design errors that you should avoid.

Being Fixated With the Rules

Well, every graphic designer knows that there is a particular set of rules that they should follow. However, some designers usually step away from these rules, which is a risky option that many user interface designers are not willing to take.

However, you should understand that nothing can develop in the design field if you don’t want to try out something new. Graphics design offers an opportunity to break some of these rules, mainly because it’s a discipline that keeps on changing and shifting depending on the project.

However, designers should keep in mind that the set rules should be their guidelines, but not requirements. Therefore, you should always find a way to address and respect these rules without allowing them to put limitations on you.

Following the User Interface Design Tips

UI design is one of the hardest disciplines that you can ever practice, particularly because of the number of the UI tips. Since UI has become a prevalent aspect of designing websites, many people are coming up with articles and guides on the best way to utilize UI design.

However, you should be hesitant when it comes on how you use these tips. You should understand that each article has different pieces of advice, and some contradict each other. In addition, these pieces of advice are extensive.

Furthermore, you should know that every site has its different audience, who have different needs and wants. Therefore, following these “top 10 tips” can end up damaging the UI design of your website. In addition, it can minimize the effectiveness of the site.

Ill-Using the Grid

Every UI design should have a grid. The pixel-by-pixel organization serves as the basis of mobile and web interface. Even though grids are essential for an organized and neat design, designers should not rely too much on them.

Don’t attempt to make the grids trendy. The primary purpose of girds is to facilitate simple and easy navigation from one item to another for users. Basically, a gird serves as the foundation for your website.

Therefore, designers should use a grid as a mere tool and separate it from other design instincts. In addition, avoid using grids to assist or start your workflow. Depending on the grid when designing a site can significantly limit you.

Misusing Contrast

If you like reading about the “top 10 tips” on UI design, you will notice that contrast usually appears on every list. However, experts say that you should never use too little contrast. This is because it can make your website hard to read, and there is nothing that can stand out.

However, you should also avoid using excess contrast. You should know that high contrast images are usually appealing and also very intriguing. In addition, they assist people to explore your site. However, high contrast images can lose their effectiveness if because of high contrast.