All marketing eventually boils down to the unique selling point. It’s impossible to create a successful business and expect it to survive without one. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to be all things to all people. They don’t focus well enough on what they’re doing to transform the industry, so their marketing doesn’t grab the attention of their target audiences enough. It’s better to make waves and be controversial at some point than be wholly unremarkable and unmemorable.

In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between a unique selling point and your digital marketing campaigns. You have to understand the connection and big picture between a unique selling point and your marketing because that’s the way customers can tell you apart from your competitors.

The unique selling point has many real-world implications and isn’t just a concept you learn from college marketing courses either. We believe that business owners, digital marketers, and web designers can all benefit from this information and use it to generate more sales and get a higher return on investment.

What is a Unique Selling Point and Why Does It Matter for Your Business?

A unique selling point is anything that sets your business apart from your competition in a meaningful way for your customers. It doesn’t have to relate to only one part of your business either. It’s possible to have multiple unique selling points for the various products and services you focus on. For some companies, it can be challenging to narrow down their unique selling points in an easily understood way.

Here are some important considerations to think about as you’re developing your unique selling point:

1. What niche is your business currently in?
2. What makes your company the best in your industry?
3. How does your company reinvent how a specific problem is solved?
4. What are some of your core values your company stands by?
5. What is your company vision?
6. Do you specialize in helping one specific kind of client?
7. What’s different about your company’s pricing structure compared to your competitors?

These considerations and more will help you narrow down what your unique selling points are. It will take some brainstorming, but the process is worth it. You’ll save yourself much grief when you launch your digital marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, a unique selling point will keep your business from being precisely the same as the rest. You’ll have guiding principles that influence all the rest of the decisions you’ll make from hiring a team to developing the inbound marketing operations.

What Are Some Unique Selling Point Examples?

Amazon has dominated the e-commerce market for many years, not because of all the products it sells. Anyone who has been an Amazon customer will know that the company offers many incentives to stay loyal to them.

With their Amazon Prime service, customers can shop online and get free one-day shipping on many of the products sold. It used to be that you had to pay an annual fee to get Amazon Prime, but Amazon made their subscription service more accessible by offering a monthly option. More recently, they’ve unveiled Prime Now, where the shipping and delivery are incredibly fast and doesn’t cost much.

You could say that Amazon’s unique selling points come from its ability to continue innovating on its business model to the point where would-be competitors would have an incredibly hard time keeping up. Now, Amazon has also expanded into selling perishable food online and partnering up with Whole Foods with Prime Pantry where customers pay a low flat rate on all deliveries.

Another example of unique selling points in the real world comes from Apple. Apple has made customer service the center of their business model. They’ve focused on customer service to the point where people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on their products because there’s a lot of trust associated with the Apple brand.

Another unique selling point of Apple comes down to the marketing and design of the products and how iconic they are. There’s a lot of focus placed on creating videos and photos that showcase the beauty and elegance of their products.

Don’t Try to Be a Jack of All Trades in Your Industry

Focus on a few specific things that make your business distinct. What do you want your business to be known most for? What kind of legacy and impact do you want to leave? This is what you should always focus on when marketing your business with digital marketing.

Generalists rarely win in marketing or anything else for that matter in life. There are some exceptions to the rule, but most of the time, your best options are to find what your business excels at and make that the focus of your marketing. Also, you’ll have something that you can proudly stand for and use to sell your products and services. There’s more room to become an industry authority based on the unique selling points you create.

How Do I Know If My Unique Selling Points Are Working

One of the ways you can test your unique selling points out is by creating some PPC ad campaigns for your company. Mention your unique selling points in the ad copy and create landing pages that match what you’re offering. You can also add marketing surveys after users convert on your landing page to get opinions on your company. Use all the insights, information, and data to improve your selling points and customer service.

You’ll also know if there’s an audience for your business and its unique selling points when you see a lot of engagement on your website and accompanying social media posts. You may want to tweak some things after not getting as many conversions as anticipated. Digital marketing is all about testing and changing things and adjusting your business model to meet user demand.


Having unique selling points for your business is necessary to become iconic and well known to customers. Companies like Amazon and Apple capitalized on their greatest strengths and continued to this day to build on what made them so successful in the past. Trying to be all things to all people is a guaranteed way for your business to fail miserably.

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