Yes, everyone loves a well-designed website. However, it is important to make sure that you know some of the important web design facts if you want your website to achieve its desired results. This article will highlight some of the critical factors that help in ensuring that your website performs better.

Templates Aren’t Magical

Let’s start with this element that plays a major role in determining your website’s design. A template can assist you to design a new website very easily. In fact, when you understand every aspect of the template, you will be able to create a new website within a few hours.

However, there is one thing that you need to understand about templates. Although they can be very beneficial, they have a lot of downsides and limitations. For instance, since templates have a wide variety of customizations, you can easily design cluttered web pages that hamper your UX.

In addition, some templates don’t have clean codes running behind them. This can be a significant drawback for web designers who want their websites to perform better. This can happen, particularly when a web designer wants to implement some functions not designed for the template. Doing this can make you end up with an unorganized design and cluttered code.

Proper Coding Means a Perfect Design

Yes, your website can be appealing, and the functions that you designed perform well. This can make you believe that you have designed a great website. However, that might not be true. You can’t see the coding of a website with your eyes. However, it has paramount effects on your website’s performance.

If your website is powered by a poorly written code, then search engines might have a challenge in getting the information within the site. In addition, the site might not rank well in search engine results. If your website has a messy code, search engines can penalize it, to the extent that it will not show up in the SERP.

Accommodate Different Browsers

You need to understand that every browser interprets a website code in a different way. That means, if a website appears to be great in FireFox, for instance, it might not appear the same in Chrome, Safari, or other browsers.

In some browsers, your web design might look broken, or some of its function might fail to work. However, this is an issue that experienced web developers, and designers can solve, especially when they have extensive CSS and HTML knowledge. Therefore, you need to ensure that you test how your site works on different browsers if you want it to be effective.

The Design Is Essential

Web designers need to understand that good design is very important. Your site’s visual impact has a very powerful effect on visitors. However, you need to note that good web design is not only how the website looks, but also how organized it looks.

That means a good web designer should understand the goals of the website they are designing. This can assist them to place the elements of the site with specific and clear goals in their mind.