When designing a web page, there are many aspects to consider. Undoubtedly one of the most important is web design. But, we should not focus on web design to SEO positioning. This does not mean that the web design cannot be attractive. An attractive web design helps to position well. We will explain how we should do the design to help us have a correct positioning of our page.


Here are some steps of web design for better SEO positioning

Load speed

It has always been said that search engines take into account the time it takes to load the page and the weight of it when positioning it in the results. One of the causes of slow loading is the presence of Flash in the template. If possible, try to avoid using Flash elements.
The optimization of images is also important. The images must have a weight as small as possible without damaging the quality so that the loading of the website is fast.

Optimization for mobile devices

We know that currently, most visits to web pages take place through mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. So it is important to optimize our website with the design for these devices. The responsive option is currently the most used and has become a determining factor for a correct web design that helps us to position our page. Google considers this option as very important.

Https protocol

The HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) https protocols are the same. Both are data transfer protocols. The difference between them is the way they send the information. The HTTP transmits the information through a direct channel susceptible to being intercepted by anyone. But the https sends it through a more secure connection using an SSL encryption that protects the personal information of the users.

Google positively values that we use the https protocol, so its use is recommended for an improvement in our SEO positioning.

Web Usability

It is very important to understand how users react to our website. Do visitors spend a lot of time on our website? Do you find relevant info with a few clicks? Why do they leave your website? After solving these doubts, we find an answer: simplicity is the most important factor for our website. That means to showcase the site with valuable content, improved user experience with a good user interface.

Use of attractive images

While the majority of marketing professionals are thinking about the content that has the purpose of generating traffic to their web pages, the other aspect that they obviate is the aesthetic part. This is related to how more flashy and informative content is created for users. The use of attractive images is important to create a satisfactory experience for our user. The images must be correctly compressed so that they do not affect the loading speed and must be correctly labeled so that the Google robots read them properly and give consistency to the text contents.

Calls to action

Calls to action (CTA) emphasize what the user expects or anticipates doing. Also, they help users find what they need. CTAs open a web page and assist users to consume content they are looking for by facilitating access, increasing interaction and improving conversion probabilities.

Videos: an important option for our web positioning

The video is one of the important factors to take into account in SEO terms. But ¡eye! If we do not make them a correct use, it can be a negative factor. And the fact of uploading a video to our website directly from our computer can mean a significant slowdown in loading time, due to the mere weight of the file. The most desirable thing, in the end, is to upload your video to Youtube and use the code to embed it and embed it in the part of your website where necessary.

Web structure

Once Google bots or spiders access our website, they send all the information they track to their servers. That is why it is important to ease tracking as much as possible. Having a functional structure of URLs not only favors this but also helps usability and favors user navigation.

To have a proper structure on our website, it is also important to use the labels of the headers correctly. In terms of code, the headings correspond to the tags <h1> <h2> <h3> … and are the ones that tell Google what keywords and content should be more or less important.

Making good use of headers is necessary. Not all the templates that we found make good use of these. For example, more than one <h1> per page is not recommended.

If you need an attractive web design for your page and with proper SEO, at Viridian Geeks we can offer you our services with the best options.