What web design keys to make a landing page do you need? Do not you know how to do it? We will show you with tips and simple tools so you can make a landing page of success, and also, have a website efficiently and with the highest potential.

A landing page is a type of web page destined to get conversions (visits of potential clients so that they make purchases), to get subscribers. A Landing Page is ideal to create online conversations and thus have many visits. Also, you can create several different Landing Pages to see which one is better positioned in the future. We will show you the keys to make a landing page.


What are the web design keys to make a landing page

To be successful and have proper SEO positioning, you will need these 11 practical keys:

It offers a good product, gift or service

It provides real value for the product, and if the product or service is perfect for the user, it will generate conversions easily.

You must impact

The graphics quality as; images or videos, the real value of the product, creative texts and original effects, can have an impact on people, leading them to continue and generate income to the website.

Give importance to the title

An attractive title will invite the user to continue reading, so create a creative title so that it does not leave your page. Also, an excellent text that is friendly will impact the reader and will give meaning to what you want to convey.

Make attractive promises

Show the user the benefit they will get by doing something. But, always being explicit and honest.

Clearly shows the brand image

When visiting the page, the user must quickly capture what your company is doing. Therefore, place the logo in a place where it looks and with the right size. Also, links to social networks associated with the page or about brand information will help users to have precise information. Also, build your brand’s trust by third-party opinions or additional information.

Make a bright and attractive design

A poorly organized content or with a lot of information, will not generate trust or visits. Therefore, it uses a minimalist web design.

Give importance to usability, simplicity and responsive design

Whoever visits your page must understand how it works, so it avoids dynamics and effects of operation that not all people understand. The action buttons should be large and comfortable to open with the mouse. Also, never forget the Mobile first, because Google avoids pages that are not compatible to see them on mobile, making your website does not position well.

Consider SEO optimization

Low page load time, this way the user experience is better and does not leave the website. Keep in mind that 53% of people leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to open. Also, Google positions the web that has a fast loading time. Remember that SEO is not repeating the same main word each time, but placing other words that enrich the content.

Remove menus and elements of distraction

Avoid placing menus (up to the top), to avoid distractions in the user and thus focus your attention on your page. Also, some users like first to know about your page to comment, so to avoid creating distractions, place a menu that is displayed by a horizontal bar icon.

Use calls to action

A call to action is a button to activate texts, forms or buttons that take the user to a conversion. Therefore, they must be attractive and evident to the user.

Use a Success Page

A success page serves to take users to another website to generate more visits. Also, it will help Google Analytics to count the people that enter your landing page, thus palpating the results of your website.


By following these tips, you will get your landing page quickly and easily. Also, you will have a proper SEO positioning and high income to your web page in a simple way, because users will feel comfortable being on your website. So, what are you waiting for to create your landing page easily?

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