Running a website can be very challenging. It consumes a lot of time, requires a lot of effort and investment, but it will disappoint you at some point. Users who visit your site might end up leaving without doing anything. At such moments, some people will employ SEO or content marketing tactics. However, what they fail to understand is, negligence might be costing them. Some web design mistakes might affect your efforts significantly. This article will highlight some of the mistakes that you should avoid in web design.

Clutter and Inconsistency

When designing a website, you should not divert from the primary objective of the site, which is to offer focus, content, guidance to visitors. When a lot of things in site lie haphazardly, the site looks disorganized. This, in turn, leave an opposite image of what you wanted to achieve. It is important to note that visitors prefer web usability over fancy designs. Therefore, ensure that you keep the designs simple.

Consistency is another important thing when it comes to the success of a website. You should avoid sudden changes in the site’s layout, sidebar positions, or colors schemes. Consistency is critical, especially when it comes to managing your brand in the website. Ensure that you have plenty of white space in the site. In addition, your content shouldn’t be crowded. Makes sure that you divide your content.

Slow Loading Speeds

There are many things that go into web design. Apart from the elegant design, good web design is all about how the visitors interact with it. For example, larger images, loading speed, as well as different font types can reduce the loading speeds of your website. This, in return, can affect the bounce rate of your visitors, thus influence the rankings of your site in search engines. Therefore, you need to ensure that your site is not slow.

Not Following SEO Rules

SEO assists websites to rank better in search engine results, which makes many people access it. Optimizing your site ensures that it ranks better in search results, which can assist you to gain a lot of traffic. No one will go to the 10th page to search for information that is already found on the first page.

You can use long tail keywords, which can lead users to search keywords directed towards your site. Long tail keywords usually rank better than short keywords. In addition, long tail keywords are a bit specific and will target many users, especially those without an idea of what to search.

Lack of Mobile Usability

Today, a lot of people prefer to use their mobile devices to access the internet. Research indicated that you might lose over 40% of your users if your site does not accommodate mobile users. The research also revealed that 67% of users would buy goods or services from a site that is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly sites usually attract a lot of traffic compared to sites specifically designed to accommodate computer searches.

Because of this, many businesses are now redesigning their sites to support mobile searches. Therefore, ensure that your site accommodates all devices, as this will assist your business to succeed.