To stand out, roofing contractors must be way ahead of the curve in both eye-catching, responsive web design and search engine optimization. When used together, you have a powerful combination that can help you attract more customers who want to buy a new roof from your company. How can web design and SEO help roofing contractors?

In this post, our digital marketing and web design experts go over some of the main benefits you’ll get from having your website built by a professional web design company in Metro Atlanta.

Not only that, but you will see how our roofing industry clients have deeply benefited from our efforts to get their websites on the pulse of search engine users. If you’d like us to make a brand new site for your business or if you’re in need of a website redesign, we’d like to speak with you!

Why Should You Invest in Roofing Web Design and SEO?

In 2018, most people are going to assume that your business has a website. If they can’t find you anywhere via search engine results, they will either think your business doesn’t exist at all. You are missing out on a huge opportunity to market to new customers in your niche.

If you already do have a website, maybe it’s also time for an update. Best practices in web design are always changing.

New trends arise all the time, and one of the most important trends to affect web design is the idea of making a website compatible and functional on all mobile devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Consider the following facts:
80% of the top websites are mobile-responsive according to Mobiforge
69% of website users spend their time primarily on their phones
92% of search engine users eventually made a purchase on the website

Bottom line, your website equals sales, sales, and more sales. You can turn your website into a 24/7 pitchman for your product where your customers can learn more about your business and the benefits and value you provide to others.

The greatest part about both web design and SEO is you don’t have to make your website extremely sales-oriented to get people buying from you. A lot of the secret to establishing strong local SEO on your site is having content that people care about and will find useful for solving their problems.

Lots of people like to be informed about topics that interest them the most. Some of your customers might be more interested in figuring out what kind of gutter system they should get for their home. You may also create pages on your site which focus more on convincing commercial property owners to fill out a form to get a free consultation.

What Makes a Good Roofing Web Design?

That’s a very good question. Our websites are always built to be as user-friendly as possible for your customers. You can see an example of the kind of work we’ve produced before for roofing industry clients.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the pages we designed and created content for on Atlanta Roof 911:

atlanta roofing web design example

This is the Georgia Roof Replacement page we developed for this client. See how much negative space exists around all the important content we wanted customers to read? We try to find the best balance between gorgeous UX and UI design principles with the very best in high-quality SEO-optimized content that doesn’t include spamming a ton of keywords every few sentences.

This is what the same page looks like from a mobile device. We use Google Inspect, a developer tool that allows our web designers to see how the page will function when viewed on mobile. All the text and visual elements fit well and still have a lot of negative space to go around.

At the end of the page, we also included a call-to-action button which takes the user to a page where they can fill in all their contact information and details.

As you can see, a roofing website built with good content and stellar responsive web design will:
1. Look great on any device.
2. Have clear navigation for the user to follow.
3. Clearly laid out information created to motivate someone to take a desirable action on the site.
4. Have SEO keywords used in several places in the content without sounding unnatural or spammy.

By having these characteristics present on your roofing website, you will have a better time attracting new customers and generating more leads to grow your business.

Acquire More Traffic in the Long Run

With a well-optimized website built for search engine users visiting the site on mobile, Google will catch whiff of your site and rank it higher for relevant keywords. As a result, more people will find you and tell their friends and family about your products and services.

The amount of organic traffic you get builds on itself without you having to lift much of a finger at a certain point, although if you have a local Atlanta digital agency by your side, the digital marketers will assist with the on-going SEO strategy so you can generate more leads.

Supercharge Your Brand

There are many roofing contractors in the local area, but not as many with a website that instantly grabs someone’s attention positively. Many roofing websites we’ve seen aren’t built with the latest standards in HTML and CSS and look outdated.

At Viridian Geeks, our web designers work hard to give your brand a modern, appealing look through mobile-responsive web design, high resolution imagery, and vibrant colors that pop out on a page.

Acquire More Phone Calls and Leads

Combined with a solid reputation and positive customer reviews shown prominently on the pages of your site, you can rapidly accelerate the number of calls you get from people who find you. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on questionable “backlinking” to get the kinds of leads you want.

Just focus on developing quality content and giving your customers an unforgettable website experience, and they will be coming back for more and invite their friends to join in on the fun.

Get More Roofing Customer Traffic On Your Website

The more traffic you get from people who need your services, the more likely it is you will get at least a couple of sales. Not all traffic is made equal, but relevant traffic will pay for itself. A lot of SEO marketers are still trapped in the dogma of believing that any traffic to a website is a good thing when this isn’t the case at all.

Ranking #1 for a random keyword like “blue suede shoes” might sound cool at first until you realize that you’re not going to attract the right audience that way. You need to focus on ranking well for relevant long-tail keywords based around the roofing problems your customers have.

Dominate Your Local Markets

Having local SEO added to your website will give you a more narrow demographic to target your website towards. These customers are much more likely to convert and want to learn more about your business, especially if you are anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area and need a digital marketing company with the experience developing a local SEO strategy that actually generates results.

You can give us a try and call our digital marketing and web design experts at (470) 440-3434 or emailing [email protected] for more information.

Roofing Website SEO Factors

SEO for your roofing website is determined by several factors which include:

Local Business Citations

To get your local SEO going, one of the things we like to do with our clients is to submit their websites to reputable online directories. We also set up a Google My Business account. You can learn more about how beneficial Google My Business can be by reading one of the articles we published earlier on this blog.

Page Loading Speed

Roofing websites that take less than 5 seconds to load at any given time are generally going to perform better in search engine results. This is because your visitors won’t be so tempted to look at a competitor site if the website loads quick enough.

Websites that take too long to load will annoy customers into going somewhere else for their needs.

Relevant Content

You can’t have much SEO without having strong content behind it. This is why we take a content-first approach to the sites we build. The website design is directly created around the content. That way, you can get the best of both worlds.

Our digital marketers always start with a sitemap and build the content from the ground up, and then our web designers figure out the best ways to display the content to your site visitors.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile-responsive pages are just as important for ensuring good SEO as it is for producing amazing website designs for your local Metro Atlanta roofing company. Websites which fail to work well on mobile devices are far less likely to be ranked well on Google.

Google uses landing page experience as one of the many factors when evaluating a website’s rank on their platform.

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