Good web design is a way to firmly reach customers for a large company, and for the SMEs, it’s even more important than the big companies to ensure business growth. A place where they can express their products, services, a way of working and provide personalized attention to users who want their services.

We live in a hyper-connected society, in which the Internet is present almost every step that takes place. Social networks have changed the way we relate, and the hundreds of applications that the online world puts at our disposal have changed certain habits such as purchases.

Currently, 60% of purchases are made online. The user, prior to the acquisition, either in a physical store or the network, searches for information about the product and compares it.

So it is vital to have a website to communicate with potential customers. If you are not in the network, many sales will be lost because you will not reach your target.



Having a website with information about the company is important for communication with the client. So this must be designed by professionals because they know how the structure should be and how to distribute the content correctly to position your site online in the top of the search engines.

Many SMEs think that commissioning a web page from a professional is indeed an important expense, without realizing that a job well is done means an investment in the short and long term. The trend is changing, and with Outsourcing, this is no longer the case.



This is a new form of collaboration between companies and freelancers, or people looking for projects. The system is simple: a company subcontracts tasks or services to another company or person external to them. These are the benefits you will have with this method:

Productivity. This method is mainly found in companies that need graphic design and creative services. Outsourcing gives the possibility of resorting to talent and specific resources and for individual departments. This increases the productivity of all businesses.

Flexibility. Flexibility in the market, since this system allows to adjust the supply of services to market demand.

Costs. When hiring on time and per project is paid in the same way. For work done, a fixed price is not being paid every month.

Time. Times are reduced since the people who are hired are professionals and have all the most advanced means and programs necessary to carry out the work.

Services. Outsourcing in addition to reducing delivery times considerably increases the quality of work once completed.



The website is important for the growth of any company and much more for SMEs. But these can not be done in any way. Customers must have an efficient aspect, with a beautiful design and structured content.

If this is not the case, the potential user visiting the web may get a bad impression. No matter what good work the company has or is doing in offline media, and even in the service it provides or in the product it offers.

When creating an online site, be it a page or a store, you should pay special attention to local SEO, as it is good to see you public from all over the USA or the world, but it is highly recommended that your potential clients close to you without the need for convoluted searches.

Content is a fundamental part. It is what allows you to transmit the message and the concepts to your clients. So it would be better if you are focused on differentiating yourself from the competition and especially from large companies.

SMEs should promote closeness, personalized attention, and services close to the customer. If what you want is to impact your potential users, and if they are young, what we are going to recommend you next will interest you and much.

Include beautiful and dynamic videos on your website, take advantage of the technology and include Virtual Reality or create an app for your customers to take you on their smartphone. In short, surprise them and make it easy for them to access you and your company.



To create an online site, you must follow a series of steps and analyze certain aspects so that it is effective and meets the objectives that the company has regarding itself. These are the 9 basic commandments that every entrepreneur must follow for the development of their website:


The client browses the internet between different websites. If you see your visits go down, it’s because he competes. Enter your website and discover what it is that you are offering that makes it more attractive and exciting.


In the network, you have hundreds of graphics resources at your fingertips to improve your visibility, which will translate into more revenue. Your client will not only visit you but will seek information about the company and the product, will be informed to know what other users think.

So a beautiful design is not enough. You must include links to social networks. In this way, you make the search work much easier, and they will thank you.


Take care of your visual communication, and you must make branding and use the same logo, typeface or colors in all your online and offline advertising. In this way, the client will recognize you, generate a brand image and you will be present in your mind, becoming recognized by a color or a sensation.


The web must have a good structure, which allows easy, intuitive and structured navigability. Thus, the user can easily access the content they are looking for without getting lost on the web. Since if this happens, the potential customer will leave the page and will not make the purchase.


Being on the Internet is essential as we mentioned earlier. But this can not be anyway. You must have a design, and the web must be adapted to navigate on any device. Currently, smartphones are widely used to search for data and companies, so forgetting about this detail can be very expensive.


SEO optimization is fundamental for any company that wants to find clients in the network. In fact, improving SEO is not much complicated. A series of specific techniques must be applied to be at the top of Google. But always executed by professionals, because although they are simple, they require some training and practice.


The content encourages traffic and visits. So it should be interesting, reflect the values of the company and most importantly must be updated. It is not enough to create a web page, and now, you must regularly update it so that your client sees your interest when it comes to nurturing relevant content.


It is important to ensure security on the Internet, especially if you have an online store. The best thing is to install security plugins that avoid the hacking of the web and that protect the data of your clients.


Monthly you must extract data from the web and analyze them. Statistics that tell you the number of visits, where they come from, user characteristics, the keywords you use to reach you and a long list of others. These statistics are obtained using programs such as Google Analytics.



Around 150 million Americans connect every day to the Internet to look for information or to pass the time. Therefore, SMEs are almost obliged to have a digital presence in one form or another. But to have a good website, which calls attention, these 4 points must be fulfilled:


A simple, clean, modern web, in which the user does not have problems to find the information. One recommendation: all the content must be found with just three clicks.


You must create the web for your target. You have to know their tastes, their style, their way of being and create a page with their language and colors that adapt to it. Always follow the same line, do not make big changes in future updates. If a client did not visit you a long time ago, you should perfectly recognize your website.


Such as the domain, .com or .es. If your company has internationalization in mind, do not stay with a national domain to save. Another important aspect is the time it takes to load, make sure it is less than 3 seconds. If it occurs in a longer time, the user will leave without seeing the web.


Encourages the customer to buy or perform any action on your website how to download an ebook. Call to action, motivate you to continue browsing the web, it is always the best option to build loyalty.



The above points are the key to a website that is well made and attractive to the client. And the 4 points that we develop below are the mistakes that SMEs should avoid if you want to have a good website.

Texts. Writing texts by filling in the content is not an option. The user will realize that they were not thought and did not make any sense. The best thing is to write coherent texts with quality content and always optimized so that Google understands them.

Static portals. This type of sites do not attract attention and do not attract the user. They must be updated so that the client can find them easily, including photography, videos and valuable information about the SME.

Colors. Striking colors, children’s fonts or ornate backgrounds make visibility difficult. Aesthetics is everything, and you must create a clean web with soft colors.

Do not adapt it to mobile phones. 7 out of 10 American users use mobile devices to consult various information. Not adapting the content to these devices is a serious mistake because you will lose a large part of your potential clients.

Creating a web page for an SME can make a difference in sales and profits. Most users look for information about the company or the product before buying. And more and more that purchase is made online. So it is essential to be on the Internet and be updated.

Knowing how to sell and include, if not all, most of the following elements: complete contact information, including buttons to social networks or a contact form that facilitates communication between company and client.