Do you have an online store and do not know how to distribute the information on a product? Do you want to increase the sales of your e-commerce? At the time of working the product card of the online store, you have to establish a series of parameters to achieve higher sales.

First of all, we must differentiate 2 basic concepts: the copy and the product description. A priori you can think, “mmm … are they not the same?” And the answer is NO. The copy must be relevant information for the user. However, the description of the product must be detailed information for all that buyer who wants to know the product to the millimeter.

Obviously, both texts must be original content, but I already assume that you know it;).


“A well-designed product sheet will help you improve the performance of your E-commerce.”


Product copy

This section is one of the most important in the product file since it is the most marketer way to capture the user’s interest. It is not necessary to talk about the characteristics of the product but to give a solution to your problem. That is, for example, if the buyer is thinking about buying a Roomba vacuum cleaner for your home, you have to remind him how much time is lost every day (or every two) in vacuuming the entire floor and how bulky it is and, not to mention, of the happy cables. On the other hand, everything is advantageous with the Roomba: without cables, you can program it so that you can only vacuum…


Product Information

The content that is introduced in this section is not as important, but as everywhere, there is a% of buyers who are interested in the details. In this section you can have all the features of the product and how much better, and to be able to be, written by yourself, since Google had more value to have 250 words with original content than 600 words but copied from other websites.

It is advisable to make the content hidden, in this way, it does not bother the buyer. But do not panic, Google can read and value the content even if it is “hidden” with a drop-down.


Images of the product

On several occasions, many online stores do not work images properly, and it is important to take into account. For this, you have to work:

  • Quality images and attractive to the buyer
  • Professional in nature and with good lighting
  • It is not advisable to put 1 or 2 photos. Also, it is ideal to put different images so that different perspectives of the product are seen
  • Originals, that is, if the content must be original, the same thing happens with the images since Google also values ​​them. It does not have as much force as a text, but that’s not why they must be images taken from other e-commerce.
  • Optimize images with your title and ALT label for organic positioning


Structured data

This section is important, not for the user, but for the Google robots. They serve, mainly, to describe the content of the web. In the product file, you can indicate the brand, price, user ratings …



This concept has a double functionality: you tell Google that the product you sell is of quality and in turn, you generate confidence in the user. There are different styles and/or formats: from the valuation through stars (from 0 to 5), comments, likes or dislikes …


The known CTA (call to action) or calls to action are those visible and prominent buttons that serve to “help” the buyer make the last step to buying the product. It has to be an easy and intuitive process, that is, you have to put it in plain sight and without complicating your life. The ideal is for the buyer to see without the need to scroll: product + price + purchase button.


Trusted trust

The Internet is the place that generates the greatest distrust to buy. Therefore, it is advisable (as far as possible) to add icons that generate a guarantee. Some of the best known and most used icons are guarantee icons (free or non-free delivery if it can be returned, type of product guarantee …), icons of awards, seniority (since 1930, for example), number of sales achieved, the valuations …

I hope this article helps you to get more sales from your online store :).