One of the most significant binomials to drive a website to success in recent years is web design and SEO. Although these two disciplines have little to do with each other, the truth is that they can nourish one of the other, improving the final result, the web, enormously.

Although there will be web projects that dispense with organic positioning within their online marketing strategy, something less and less common, in those portals where SEO has to be one of the main traffic channels, working together, these two areas will be imperative. And even more, if we are faced with e-commerce with thousands of products or a directory with hundreds of profiles.

We will review what are the key points when it comes to joining the efforts of SEO and web design to get a web project meets the objectives of both.


“This two discipline together can contribute a lot to a web.”


At what point should SEO and web design coincide?

The ideal moment would be in the initial planning of a new website. Before starting to design, the study of different SEO variables related to the sector to which the web is oriented will provide valuable insights to the web design team. For example, what pages to create or which ones to prioritize visually and at the level of links.

In this way, the web designer will have all the necessary information that affects the organic positioning before starting his work.

Although this would be an optimal point for SEO and web design to take advantage of each other, the reality is not always so perfect. In many occasions, the role of SEO will not be taken into account until the web design has been defined or implemented in production. In these cases, it will touch to review and adapt the visual section of the website and introduce the necessary changes for its SEO optimization.


Structure of the website

As we mentioned above, SEO can provide precious information when defining the structure of a new website. From which elements should be highlighted in the navigation menu until links and content should be present on the main page.


Type of content

From an analysis of the keywords of the sector, the SEO can determine what kind of content will be necessary to respond to queries from users in a more appropriate way.

For example, if we prepare a recipe portal, the majority of queries related to this sector are “how to make cheesecake step by step.” The user’s intention with this search is to find the information about the recipe in list format. We can transfer this information to the web design team so that you can take it into account when defining the visual structure of this type of content.


Essential elements for SEO

The presence of an H1 title, the breadcrumbs, pagination … There are a series of features that must be present in web design for the proper functioning of the SEO strategy. If the web designer takes them into account before beginning his work, we will avoid having to revise his work once it has finished.


Responsive web design

The latest trends in the search engine sector, especially Google, is to prioritize the mobile versions of the websites, the so-called Mobile First Index. Given this scenario, SEO demands that, at a minimum, web design be just as careful on computers as on mobile phones.


Load speed

Another one of the points in which the SEO has incidence in the web design is in the speed of load. Being already a signal of positioning for Google in the searches carried out from smartphones, we will have to control that the weight of the images and other resources is the minimum possible to avoid slowing down our web.



Before the detection of a problem such as a high percentage of the bounce of organic traffic to a page of our website, we can use the web design team to introduce changes that reduce this indicator. In this and many other cases, SEO and web design can work hand in hand to add improvements to the usability of our website.

As you can see, the couple web design and SEO can work together and improve each other. Whether you are considering the creation of a new website or if you want to improve your organic positioning strategy, at Viridian Geeks Web Design we will be happy to help you.