Looking to save some money on a new website for your business? It might seem at first glance, using website templates will do just that. The idea of not having to do much tinkering with a pre-built design sounds fantastic, but there’s a flip side to resorting to such cheap tactics. Your website is much more than a series of pages hosted online. The site should be a reflection of your company’s brand and what it stands for. Each component on the site from the content to design elements needs to fit your business like a glove.

Website templates don’t give you that full ability to capture everything your business is about. Even with website templates, there are still lots of parts that need to be changed. Even when you’re able to get something half-decent from the template, there are plenty of technical problems that can cause you many headaches later on. All that effort trying to save money costed you more time than it was worth. Here’s why web design templates are a terrible idea for your business and what the superior alternative would be.

1. Many Website Templates are Boring

Here’s a blatant reason why website templates are a terrible idea. Many of them are boring and look the same on many fundamental levels. There was a time several years ago when it seemed every website imaginable was using a Bootstrap theme. There wasn’t much originality and it was difficult to distinguish one site from another. Thankfully, web designers have upped their game in the last several years and have moved away from that style.

Really consider what sets your business apart from the rest. Would you really want your website to be represented through a cookie-cutter template?

A competent web designer can design a website from scratch and have far more range in what they can do for you. When you want a page to look a specific way or to have a custom-coded feature, getting a website from a team of developers and designers is worth it.

2. Generic Dummy Text

Most website templates are going to come with dummy text that you’ll have to change yourself. That means you’ll have to create your own content within those limited parameters of the template. More likely than not, you won’t be able to get your message across the way you’d like. It could also take you several days to go ahead and make sure each page of the template has unique content.

Then, you have to worry about whether the content is going to drive more conversions to your site. Instead of using a generic website template, there’s a reason why you should leave this part up to experienced copywriters at a professional internet marketing firm instead. They will know how to do research and find the best keywords to base your website content around so people can find your business easier in search engines.

3. Slow Template Speeds

Another concern you should worry about with generic website templates is the slower page speeds you’ll get. Many templates are bloated and are filled with unnecessary lines of code that slow your website down. Some of these templates don’t even have minified HTML, CSS, or JavaScript at all, which also increases the length of time it takes for your website to load.

You only have a few seconds to keep a website visitor happy before they leave. It’s best for your website to load in 3 seconds or less. Part of the way you can have these optimal website speeds is by having your site built by professional web designers who are well-versed in the best technical SEO practices.

4. Bad Customer Support

Don’t expect to get the best customer support out of using website templates. Because you don’t own the template, you’re subject to a lot of red tape when it comes to dealing with website ownership and transferring the website over to a different hosting service. In these cases, you’ll have to start all over again, costing you more time and effort than needed. You can avoid these troubles by working with a professional web design firm instead of using website templates.

5. Not Mobile-Responsive

With the worst website templates out there, mobile-responsive pages are nonexistent. Your website will not work correctly on smartphones and tablets, where many of your customers use to find businesses online. It’s more important than ever to have a website that can adapt to any user experience. People are always on the go and expect more out of their browsing experience. Website templates are merely all about the visuals and not so much about functionality or clean code.

6. Tons of Potential for Technical Problems

What happens when you have to install updates from WordPress? There’s a considerable risk that the website template you bought for under $50 will break and no longer be compatible with the new versions of the plugins. What seemed like a money-saving venture is now a gigantic nightmare costing you many hours to fix. That’s time you can never get back by the way. The templates are also unsecured and don’t protect your website from DDoS attacks and many other threats plaguing business websites in 2018.

7. Harder to Produce Website Conversions

With website templates, you won’t be able to have much of a say in where your call-to-action statements and buttons are going to be. You lose much control over the style of menus you can have and everything else that factors into whether people are going to take the most desired actions on your site. By the time you want to invest in some PPC marketing, It may be more difficult to get the kind of results you’re looking for because the landing pages won’t be up to scratch either.

What Should You Do Instead?

For many reasons, website templates are not going to be worth your time or money. Instead of relying on these templates, it’s far better to build a website from the ground up with no templates. You don’t have to work at this alone either. A professional web designer with lots of experience in WordPress and the best content builders will be able to listen to your specific needs. They will perform research on what’s working best for competitor websites and produce a final product that will produce results for your business.

Furthermore, there are fewer restrictions involved with custom-built websites. If you want to have longer bits of content on your site, the web designer can figure out creative ways to display it without cluttering up the page. The web designer can also add features to your website you wouldn’t otherwise find in a template like shopping carts and special offer pop-ups.

If you were about to almost make the mistake of purchasing a cheap website template, we’d like to talk to you. Call our web design experts at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] for more information. We know how to build the most customized websites that look fantastic, yet are made to work well on any device. Thank you for choosing Viridian Geeks as your preferred web design provider!