The usability of the website is related to the ease and efficiency of navigation offered to the user. Have you ever wondered how many times you left a page because it was too confusing, inconsistent, or because you could not find what you were looking for? I bet it happens all the time and often you do not realize it.


Why adopt good usability?

The main purpose of a website is to cater to the customer, so creating an easy-to-navigate environment is the key to holding back the visitor for longer. With so much competition and people offering the same service, it is critical that the business provides a comfortable atmosphere with good usability and user experience.

Good usability of your website lead you to more conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors who take action: fill out a form, subscribe, buy, download a demo, etc., depending on the purpose of a website.
The more web usability, more conversion rate. So, we can say that a good web is one that reaches the maximum conversion of visitors that visit the website.


Benefits of Applying Usability Techniques to your website

1. Improvements in user perception (product and supplier) help in strengthening the brand image. If the client is satisfied with the usefulness of your web pages, we are sure that he will directly have a good image and perception of your brand.

2. Reduction in the dropout rate in shopping carts increase in sales in e-commerce sites. In electronic commerce less failures and more usability results in higher sales without a doubt. How many times has it happened to you that when you give it to finish the purchase error and you must start from the beginning?. Finally, the client would get tired and would not make the purchase.

3. If the client has the facility to perform or locate what he has come to search on your website, then likely you don’t need to use customer service. And this reduction of costs in support services and customer service saves your money.


How to adopt the best usability strategy?

The first step to a successful strategy is to get to know your audience profoundly and find out what the problems are for which they seek a solution. Ask yourself: What can I do to make my client’s life easier? When you figure out the answer, it should be in focus on the site.

Instead of trying to include all the possible information about your business, it is critical that you think about what the customer wants to find. Also, do not take your visitors to find a solution as this may delay and make it difficult to take action.

Here are some tips to offer great usability for your site

Be simple

The appearance of your website is quite important, so it should be focused on the user with simplicity. Adding several unnecessary elements to the visual will distract the visitor and slow the action. Keep a simple page for easy navigation.


Consistency does not mean that all pages should be the same, but that all pages must follow a structure and patterns predetermined by the brand guidelines. Layouts, colors, fonts and even the way to write content should be consistent so that the visitor will always feel “at home.”

Value the most important

The organization of the website should value the most important topics to ensure that the user knows what the next steps he can take within the page. Arrange the elements so that the call to action is well visible and in a valued position.

Be present in the mobile environment

Not having a site adapted for the mobile devices can make the business lose many visits and opportunities. Good navigability on the mobile is essential for adding those who are using a smartphone or tablet.

These are some of the key points to ensure good usability for your site and solve the problems of your customers.