In digital marketing, there are many techniques you can try to strengthen your business brand. You start out with a new website optimized for search engines and updated with the latest standards in responsive web design. Then, you build up your business blog, consistently posting quality content and then using social media networks to promote it. You’ve probably seen a significant difference in the level of traffic you’re getting, but an important question remains. What comes after SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising? Email marketing is what you need to spend your time on next.

Think about it for a second. How many people use email and check it each day? In Gmail alone, over a billion people are actively using it. Email marketing is projected to grow to over 3 billion users coming in 2020 according to HubSpot.

There are no signs of this trend slowing down, so it makes complete sense to take advantage of it. In this article, you’re going to learn all about email marketing, what it is, how it can help your business grow, and what it can do for your website’s SEO. It is essential to create an effective email marketing strategy to build your number of leads and have another platform to share and distribute your website’s best content.

What is Email Marketing?

The definition of email marketing is fairly straightforward on the surface. In email marketing, you use email services to promote your business, products, services, and website content. The problem with this definition alone is that it doesn’t fully encompass the relationship building aspect of email marketing.

Email marketing is more than sending prospective clients advertisements to visit your website. Through email marketing, you can develop stronger relationships between your business and faithful subscribers. Thanks to email marketing, there’s much less of a need to send snail mail which takes forever to get to the right destination and costs way more. Direct mail marketing comes with too many strings attached to all the expensive setup fees to the accumulated costs in a year – over $22,000 or more!

Email marketing won’t cost you nearly that much, but you’re able to do a lot more with it entirely. You’ll be able to see how many people opened up your email, how many of them clicked on your offer and save personal information into a list of leads you can contact later. We haven’t even scratched the surface with what exactly is possible with email marketing!

The Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

If you’re on the fence about trying email marketing for yourself, here are some outstanding benefits your business can get with an email marketing strategy. You will find that there’s a ton of ROI and opportunity in email marketing difficult to detect with traditional marketing. These benefits include:

Boosting Brand Awareness

People have short-term memories much of the time. You only have a limited amount of time to make a good first impression they will remember. With email marketing, you can send out periodic emails reminding customers of why your business provides value.

You can also motivate customers and visitors who haven’t visited your site in a while to come back by strategically promoting content they might find useful. Solving someone’s problem is the best way to generate recurring business. You give back to someone and they will in return, and that’s the same way a lot of email marketing works too!

Very Inexpensive

Email marketing is entirely digital. There are no trips you have to make to the UPS or USPS to send a package or pay for any postage. Unlike pay-per-click, you’re not paying for the number of times people click on your offers. Email marketing is also quick and instant. There’s no waiting period for people to get your messages unlike with direct mail marketing.

Easy to Personalize

In email marketing, you can respect the preferences of customers by including opt-in and opt-out options in your emails. Furthermore, you can segment your customers and send each group different emails and offers while performing A/B testing to see which email marketing campaigns produced the best results.

Enhance Your Lead Generation Strategy

Email marketing is a companion for any lead generation strategy because it adds more urgency and speed to your lead generation funnel. Through adding call-to-action text and buttons in your emails, you motivate more customers to take desirable action, increasing your sales conversions.

Keep Customers Aware

Whenever you’re creating a new product or service, your customers need to know about these changes. You can make your announcements heard through emails, especially to those who don’t already follow your company Facebook or LinkedIn pages. In fact, you can include links to your social media profiles in emails too!

Reach More People for Less

Email marketing campaigns are a lot more useful in reaching the most amount of people than Facebook or Twitter. A lot of the reason this is true is because most people in the United States check their email first thing when they wake up. It doesn’t require that much work to create an email that will go out to thousands of people with MailChimp and their beautiful templates.

Easily Quantifiable

You will know how effective your email marketing campaigns are by looking at several statistics. Bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through-rates, inbox placement, and forward rates are the main email marketing KPIs to evaluate the success of your campaigns. From there, you can make all the adjustments you need to improve these figures and generate an even bigger ROI for your business.

But How Does Email Marketing Actually Help My Website’s SEO?

All right, so we spent a lot of time explaining email marketing’s many benefits for businesses. Now here comes the most exciting part: explaining the connection between email marketing and SEO. It’s hard to imagine these two distinct digital marketing tools having much in common, but you’d be pleasantly surprised.

To understand this connection deeper, you must realize how much SEO has evolved over the last several years. SEO used to be more about making your website content spammy and unnatural and using all sorts of suspicious black-hat SEO practices to manipulate your website’s ranking on Google. Thanks to several major algorithm updates, Google has cracked down on businesses gaming the system.

SEO has become a combination of consistently producing excellent website content, having a website with clean code and fast website speeds, and keeping as many people on your site as long as possible.

This is why you have many content marketers and SEO professionals recommending that you create longer content for your website, at least 700 words or more. Google’s algorithm measures how long people spent on your site and how many pages they viewed on average.

Taking these facts into account and given what you’ve learned about email marketing, you’ve probably guessed what the big connection is. That’s right! The connection is promotion, promotion, and more promotion.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive more engagement to your website. You can persuade people to do any one of the following in an email marketing campaign:

• Like or Share Your Posts on Social Media
• Encourage Customers to Link to Specific Website Pages
• Promote Your Most Popular Website Posts and Get More Traffic
• Sign Up for Your Email List

Over time, you’re going to build a stronger email list. More links to your site mean that Google will find your website content more valuable and rank it higher in search results. Also, you’ll appeal to people who don’t always have time to read your blog every day or every week. They can get the best highlights of what you’re offering without feeling overwhelmed.


Email marketing offers a much cheaper solution for acquiring new leads and customers compared to outdated direct mail marketing campaigns. You can easily see which email campaigns are working by looking at several KPIs and statistics.

There are numerous advantages to email marketing you won’t get from social media marketing alone too! For SEO, email marketing gives your website the engagement it needs to rank higher in search engines.

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