In the last several years, SEO has grown into one of the most robust digital marketing strategies for businesses both small and large. The possibility of getting free traffic from Google without having to pay enormous costs on paid advertising is enticing.

Unfortunately, there are numerous SEO companies out there which have SEO completely wrong. The professionals at these companies don’t think about the big picture when devising SEO strategies that make sense for the clients they claim to help. Furthermore, there are very few SEO companies, especially in Atlanta, who can deliver on the promises they make.

This post is about helping you choose the right Atlanta SEO agency for your business. You need to find an SEO firm that will give you the whole package at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that SEO takes quite a bit of work upfront to get right. It will take a couple of months at least to start seeing results.

That’s why you want to outsource this work to SEO specialists and professionals who know their stuff like the back of their hand. Here’s how you can find the right SEO company in the Metro Atlanta area and how to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

So Many Options, but How Do You Narrow Your Choices Down? 

Before typing anything into Google, you must know what you want to gain from having SEO from your website. Do you want more people filling out your lead generation forms on your website or are you looking to build your brand? SEO will work amazingly well for many of the objectives you want to achieve.

The problem happens when you find one of those SEO companies using a one-size-fits-all approach. These companies do not care about creating a cohesive SEO strategy that will make sense for what you want to accomplish.

If you hear anything about how a company can get your website to #1 on Google in the next 30 days, you have to be skeptical and ask the company a bunch of tough questions about their past client results.

If they are unable to provide proof, it’s best to move on and keep searching for other SEO marketing firms in Atlanta to work with. In fact, if any SEO company makes these bold claims, don’t bother doing business with them in the first place. They do not have your best interest or understand your business that well.

A reputable SEO company will take the time to complete these following steps:

1. You Will Get a Business Questionnaire

Once you sign up for an SEO company’s services, you should be getting a business questionnaire you can fill out. This is an opportunity to tell the SEO and web design professionals precisely what you want and give them details about the industry you’re in. You can mention details as your competitors and what products and services you want to sell.

The questionnaire works well whether you have a website or not already. It saves everyone the hassle of second-guessing and producing work which does not align with your expectations.

2. Keyword Research

Having a good SEO strategy without keyword research is impossible. Keyword research is one of the most critical foundations to SEO that needs to be done by a seasoned professional. They will be able to look at your competitors and see what keywords they use most often in their content and perform an analysis based on their findings. What they find will set the tone for the website content and structure.

3. Past Results

A real SEO company should be able to provide results from previous clients they helped. It’s a good sign you’ve found the right SEO company for your business when you can ask them to send screenshots and marketing decks with statistics of what happened before, and after the SEO & content marketing professionals began working on the website. The most striking results usually come from website rebuild projects.

A big reason many small businesses aren’t ranking as well as they should is due to a website plagued with many technical errors in the code combined with a lack of good content. An SEO company will have a team of web designers, web developers, SEO specialists, and content marketers working together to solve these problems for you.

4. Monthly Reports & Updates

You’re getting a great deal when you’re able to get regular updates from the SEO company on how your site is performing in search engines. Every month, you should receive updates on any changes to your number of keywords, ranking changes, technical SEO fixes, and more. The SEO company should also notify you of deliverables they created each month, so you have a chance to review them and make sure they fit with what your business is about.

Plus, there aren’t too many SEO companies that will even grant you the ability to make change requests on your website for free in the first six months of having your new site.

5. Positive Reviews & Portfolio

Check Google to find reviews of the SEO company you will be working with and see what people are saying. You’ll weed out the fakes and the frauds from the legit SEO companies if you look at any reviews that look like this:positive seo reviews in atlanta

If you’re not wholly convinced by the reviews, then look at the company’s portfolio to see what kinds of SEO and web design projects they have. You can see if the style of content and web design is what you’d like to have for your business website.

6. Frequent Blog Post Updates

Another way you can tell if you’ve found the right SEO company is when you can see what the professionals working there are publishing their thoughts and insights about SEO and digital marketing. If they are releasing new content at least every month that you find valuable and useful, it’s a safe bet that you will have a good working relationship with that company for the long run.

7. A Great Relationship

Because SEO is a digital marketing tool that can take a little while to build on your website, you must find an SEO company focused on developing great long-term relationships with you. SEO is not a set it and forget it thing. It requires plenty of devotion and care to see the best results.

You have to go into SEO knowing that it will take time, but once you see people finding and calling your business without the need for lots of paid advertising, you will see how much SEO will practically pay for itself after a while.

8. Social Media Marketing Services

While not mandatory, a good SEO company will also offer social media marketing. From our experience, promoting your content on social media is the best way you can get more backlinks to your website.

Google will see all the social media signals and find your website more valuable to rank. We recommend looking into getting social media marketing from an SEO digital marketing agency in Atlanta after the company has built your website complete with free on-page SEO.

9. Writing for People First

Many SEO companies are careless and bad at creating good website content. In many cases, it outright sucks because there’s no proofreading or quality control completed, so you get SEO content that’s full of typos and doesn’t make any sense when you read it out loud.

There was one time we reached out to a potential client, and the previous SEO company did a poor job creating content that ordinary people could understand. It was almost like the company had outsourced the writing and content creation to those who skipped the proofreading process altogether or couldn’t understand English that well.

10. Perform a Free SEO Site Audit

You should be able to get a free SEO site audit from the SEO company you’re interested in learning more about. The site audit will be comprehensive and show you exactly what’s going wrong with your website. There’s no obligation or price you should pay for the site audit. You get to keep it for yourself and make the right decision for yourself.

In Metro Atlanta, there is an SEO company that can provide you with a free site audit in addition to everything else discussed in this post. At Viridian Geeks, we care about helping business owners and see SEO as more than an afterthought. You’re opening up many doors once you have great SEO on your website. Call us at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] to get started with your free SEO website audit and consultation! We hope you have found the information contained in this article to be useful for your needs.