We have set up PPC campaigns for our clients in the past, and during our experience, we have seen Google change the interface and some of the features in their efforts to make the platform as powerful as possible. Besides the completely new look, there are several noteworthy features which might be helpful for your online marketing initiative. In this post, we check out some of our favorite tools in Google Adwords which have made our clients more money.

1. Expanded Text Ads

If you’ve worked with previous incarnations of Google Adwords, then you know how limiting the available space can be for writing compelling ads for your website. Google recognized this problem and decided to add expanded text ads, which allow you to write two 30-character headlines instead of the more limiting 25-character headlines.

As PPC becomes more essential in digital marketing, it is very likely that Google will also find more ways to help business owners get their message across clearly. By making full use out of this feature, you should expect your click-through-rates on ads to rise. When new features are added to Adwords, we will also cover them here on the blog.

2. Price Extensions

You can now add price extensions to your ads which will show up on all devices – phones, tablets, and desktops. This feature is great for any business that offers a tiered pricing system for products and services. You can make each price extension listing link to a page of the product on your website or have each price extension link go to another landing page if you choose to do so.

3. Demographic Targeting

You can use the demographic targeting tool in Adwords to target your ads towards a specific kind of audience based on income, gender, age, and more. You can set up demographic targeting by clicking on the Audiences tab.

You will be able to see what percentage of people clicked on your ads. The numbers are broken down by Male, Female, and Unknown, and the age brackets are from 18-64. You can even create your own filter and segment the data from your campaigns according to demographic demonstrating how powerful Adwords can be for your digital marketing campaigns online.

4. Find and Replace Tools

A lot of the success people have with Adwords comes from A/B testing. If you don’t have the time to create a bunch of new ads manually, there’s a much easier way. In Adwords, you can now find and replace keywords in your ads. This can be very beneficial when creating ads for a bunch of different service areas.

For example, if you are the proprietor of a local donut shop in Metro Atlanta and want to target customers in Alpharetta, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs, you would type in the keyword you need replaced. Then you can submit the new ads for review, which can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for approval.

5. Gmail Remarketing

Remarketing has always been an integral part of PPC advertising on Adwords, but most recently, Google decided to expand the remarketing tool to include Gmail. You can now dynamically target your ads to customers with Gmail accounts. Gmail remarketing would be compatible with ads shown on the Display Network rather than Search Network only.


PPC is a rapidly evolving form of digital marketing, and new changes are being implemented all the time. Google Adwords still reigns supreme as one of the go-to PPC advertising platforms available even with the rise of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Amazon as viable PPC advertising mediums.

Our digital marketing experts always keep up with the latest in PPC advertising as it can be a very valuable companion to social media marketing, search engine optimization, and WordPress web design as part of your brand awareness.

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