WordPress is the leading CMS in the market. It is flexible, and you can create all kinds of websites: from corporate websites to portfolios and blogs. Due to the popularity of this platform diversity of WordPress themes are built for all types of the WordPress site.

There is a vast online market where you can buy a WordPress theme for your site. But how to recognize outstanding themes? It is relatively simple, and these themes have specific characteristics in common. That’s why we’re going to share some concepts so you can choose a WordPress theme that allows you to have a professional-looking web design.


Here we list some features of good WordPress themes

Adaptive design

Not only for WordPress themes but an HTML template, it needs to be an adaptive design. Currently, more and more people access and surf the Internet on their mobile devices. If your site is not optimized for these, you will be losing much of your traffic.

Integration with social networks

We should take into account the importance that social networks are creating in the market. Many popular themes in WordPress include personalized buttons for the most popular social networks. This is an essential feature for any theme, but it is much more important for themes that are designed for online journals or blogs.

Good support

WordPress themes that have updates and detailed instructions for use are the most purchased themes. Many prominent authors often use this tactic and even go further and offer not only a complete PDF file but also small tutorials of use. This is an indicator for potential buyers that the attention and support are excellent and a point in favor for the author.

Inclusion of widgets

Including customizable widgets is one of the features that most users appreciate in a WordPress theme. If you look at the popular WordPress themes you will notice a common characteristic: they all have a series of individual widgets. And many of these issues do not have a fixed location for these widgets. The user can place them almost anywhere because the theme has been designed to have different widget areas.

Advanced customization

The reason why people buy WordPress themes is that it is much faster than designing from scratch. And a large part of the buying decision is based on the personalization options offered by that theme. Everyone wants their website to be unique, so it is important that the customization is advanced.

Optimization for SEO

Now optimization for SEO is an important factor for every web administrator so they will verify if the theme is optimized for SEO. As you know, thanks to SEO, a website can appear among the first search results. This has a high impact on web traffic and your online visibility.


Many themes include a  “page generator” or “composer,” a tool used to compose pages using the “drag and drop” system. So accelerating the creation of the site allows direct customization through a graphical interface on the front-end side.

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